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Winter/Xmas Demos Month

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"Christmas Cheer from the Chillzone" (idgames) 

map02 max 1:52 https://youtu.be/trNSbK6rksE


A very old-school map layout with jaggy lines and undetailed hallways, right up my alley! I appreciate the loop around by the end, tightens up the route.

map03 max / tyson 4:19 https://youtu.be/GLBLQGqJ08I


No weapons other than berserk for this map so it's a tyson demo as well. Super cool layout! This was my first time making it past the blue/yellow key area so I had no idea there'd be an archvile in this demo, but I survived :D


"Cold Front" (DSDA)

map01 fast 2:56 https://youtu.be/Uk49UkboSQo


This map has a lot of areas that I just have to slow down for, like the big chaingunner trap. No armor makes it pretty scary!




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Map01 UV-Speed in 17.94




I didnt make demos for a long time cuz im VERY stressed with my studies so i did not want to play any game, i saw that it 4shock created the thread "xmas month" or something like that and i searched in DSDA web xmas related wads, i was not gonna record anything serious but after few tries i got hooked by the run so i tried to get a good time, after 1 hour i got this time, im very very happy. Im glad that i got the chance to disconnect from the real world...


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8 hours ago, Grain of Salt said:

Fruit Salad is a winter/christmas wad too fwiw. There's ice and snow and pointy trees (iirc stolen from whitemare?)


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