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Winter/Xmas Demos Month

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Pigeon Speedmapping Session 3 -- 50 Christmas Pigeons

Map 01 UV-Max in 0:49.11.

Map 01 UV-Fast in 0:49.63.

Map 02 UV-Max in 1:59.

Map 02 Pacifist in 0:47.77.

Map 03 UV-Max in 1:47.

Map 03 UV-Fast in 2:18.

Map 03 pacifist in 0:41.66.

Map 03 NM-Speed in 0:57.11.

Map 04 UV-Max in 1:47.

Map 04 UV-Fastr in 2:09.

Map 04 Pacifist in 0:49.57.












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On 12/7/2022 at 6:53 AM, Bdubzzz said:


Well didn't really see anything x-mas related but dunno if the weapons are suppose to be replaced or if you are just suppose to pretend :^) Either way interesting...

Map 01 UV-Max in 1:27.

Map 01 UV-Speed in 0:08.94.

Map 02 UV-Max in 0:36.91.

Map 02 Pacifist in 0:07.83.

Map 03 UV-Max in 0:37.14.

Map 03 Pacifist in 0:10.49.







Well, the only wintery part is the plasma gun snowball cannon, and that didn't work because the DEH is binary format. :^) I figured out how to convert it to text format, attached that version to the post. Had to dust off DOSBox to do that. :^) 


https://www.dsdarchive.com/wads/mkrevwar DSDA page is updated with a file upload including the fixed DEH as well.


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Winter Themed Deathmatch UV-Speeds


Recorded in cl2. The text file says ZDoom is required but I'm convinced it's just because they never tested it in anything else, it doesn't make a difference. I don't mind if these get othered though


01 in 0:03 wintdm01-003.zip

02 in 0:06 wintdm02-006.zip

03 in 0:06 wintdm03-006.zip

04 in 0:01 wintdm04-001.zip

05 in 0:04 wintdm05-004.zip

06 in 0:05 wintdm06-005.zip

07 in 0:02 wintdm07-002.zip

08 in 0:03 wintdm08-003.zip

09 in 0:03 wintdm09-003.zip

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1 hour ago, NoisyVelvet said:

Respect for using the secret route.  I don't even know if it's faster but it's the cooler route.

Yeah, I never really tested which route was quicker tbh, but I definitely prefer the secret route. Probably should’ve checked before throwing 2000+ attempts at it haha.

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16 minutes ago, PrBoomerJuice said:

I know beating my own nomo is cringe, but I found a somewhat consistent setup for the north glide, so I was able to remove a lot of the running around

No worries. Sometimes it feels better to post something for relief and then try again with lower stakes later on.


Cold Front (DSDA)

map03 fast 7:23 https://youtu.be/EDcQko5xOTA


This map is way harder than it looks on -fast. phew.

map04 fast 4:03 https://youtu.be/wM6pe_k7Bzo


This'n's a bit of a bugger with the fasties. Hoo boy! D2ALL Next.



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