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Winter/Xmas Demos Month

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--- 12 Days (12days-v4) *

Map 01 Pacifist: 18.69 12days01p018.zip (https://youtu.be/30bkSEBTfG8)

Map 01 NM100S: 21.94 12days01s021.zip (https://youtu.be/EV758Icn4N4)

Map 03 Pacifist: 37.31 12days03p037.zip (https://youtu.be/cwX3vgo4B7U)

Map 03 NM-Speed: 37.66 12days03n037.zip (https://youtu.be/_ZtjjHy68wY)

Map 04 UV-Speed: 23.91 12days04-023.zip (https://youtu.be/b6R5uqdR4Uw)

Map 04 Pacifist: 26.89 12days04p026.zip (https://youtu.be/heLgcqBx6zU)

Map 04 NM-Speed: 32.51 12days04n032.zip (https://youtu.be/zPYOvz3kq1w)


--- A War On Christmas

Map 09 UV-Speed: 1:12.69 woxmas09-112.zip (https://youtu.be/NBcG6uHyeco)

Map 09 UV-Max: 2:28.51 woxmas09-228.zip (https://youtu.be/ccts-ZWJId8)

Map 11 Pacifist: 5:05.60 woxmas11p505.zip (https://youtu.be/bsAko2Ex1Rc)

Map 11 NM-Speed: 51.60 woxmas11n051.zip (https://youtu.be/y1ZCctQZuGs)


* Map 1 doesn't work on DSDADoom but there is the single map pwad that doesn't have problems

Edited by Niloquì

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18 minutes ago, Niloquì said:

* Map 1 doesn't work on DSDADoom but there is the single map pwad that doesn't have problems

OK, I suppose I will add this WAD to the zip when the WAD gets on DSDA and add a comment about playback.

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these were all records when I recorded them :D


Stroggman's Tundra (DSDA)

map06 max 5:03 https://youtu.be/dwLLnqYaKlg

map10 fast 5:44 https://youtu.be/sdP-iLcoltg

map10 tyson 7:43 https://youtu.be/bB6frg9f6uE

map07 max 8:15 https://youtu.be/559dvtEixo8

map01 respawn 1:48 https://youtu.be/DegzxYGV1gs

map09 fast 9:41 https://youtu.be/juktI23MoQg


Clipster Wonkels Presents A Bonecrushing Pizza Clipmas!  (DSDA)

map04 respawn 2:03 https://youtu.be/W6rDtkfLtz0


Christmas Cheer from the Chillzone (DSDA)

map06 fast 1:39 https://youtu.be/ayB1j9M4-30


Frozen Inferno (DSDA)

max 3:16 https://youtu.be/DJ0C_8McMxg


Cold Front (DSDA)

map02 nomo 0:50 https://youtu.be/So4cSR0vBBU

map03 nomo100 1:44 https://youtu.be/hiCYVT86V44

map02 nomo100 0:54 https://youtu.be/kjUAnnOaPW4

map01 nomo100 0:46 https://youtu.be/1a9pOPzCvYk

map01 respawn 1:45 https://youtu.be/fkWkVpMiXfk

map04 nomo 1:31 https://youtu.be/flQj-SZ7Jp4

d2all nomo100 5:02 https://youtu.be/5KMyuP1sFf8



















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32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas

Well I guess we start the year out with some really bad demos :^)

Map 04 UV-Max in 5:31.

Map 04 NoMo in 0:59.

Map 05 UV-Max in 4:51.

Map 05 NoMo in 0:54.

Map 06 UV-Max in 1:57.

Map 06 NoMo in 0:44.

Map 07 UV-Max in 2:50.

Map 07 Pacifist in 0:54.

Map 07 NoMo in 0:37.

Map 08 UV-Max in 2:27.

Map 08 UV-Speed in 0:38.

Map 08 NoMo in 0:27.

Map 09 UV-Max in 1:35.

Map 09 NoMo in 0:10.29.

Map 09 Pacifist in 0:14.06.
















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Posted (edited)

And yet another demo pack win goes to @Bdubzzz, although at least there was almost some competition this time for the top spot from @Andrea Rovenski, who earned second place. And third place goes to @ProPiece. It's not the biggest demo month that's happened, but nearly 450 demos is still more than I expected tbh, as I think months that have a more open-ended theme like this one tend to be a bit less popular vs just a specific list of runs. Also, I guess a lot of people weren't too happy with the general quality of the winter WADs on the list, which is fair. :^) Personally, due to being busy and distracted by random runs, I didn't end up getting too far into H2H this year unfortunately, so I guess I still have a lot of work cut out for next December. Overall, though, at least some WADs got new tables on DSDA and some nice time improvements happened this month, so a good demo month I think. Thanks for participating!


I'll keep the winter WAD sheet up to date as well, in case this happens again next year, or just as a reference for anyone looking for WADs with this theme. Feel free to send me stuff that's not on the sheet going forward. :)

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43 minutes ago, 4shockblast said:

Also, I guess a lot of people weren't too happy with the general quality of the winter WADs on the list, which is fair. :^)

this is why i had to step in ;)

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7 hours ago, 4shockblast said:

This is pretty unusual I guess, but I don't think you actually had -respawn on for this demo. :^)

it's all falling apart

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