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Speed Doom Mod

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I decided to get back into doom modding recently. So I made a quick mod in about 4 four hours.1999252652_TheUltimateDOOM2022-12-0402-03-14_Moment.jpg.0a22f71f6f8a2c58bbf2ad50eaa43340.jpg The Mod is simple you have a timer and if it runs out you die. It works on pretty much any doom engine game! It works in ZDoom and GzDoom and you can adjust how much time is added/subtracted to the timer in the options menu! I think it works in multiplayer but I'm not 100% sure.

Mod download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1705N6gCoIgMT_RSuDKwX3ztO1sZdwcY9/view?usp=sharing
Youtube Video:


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UPDATE 1: Added some more options

Added the ability to overwrite level time

Added the ability for enemy kills to give time!

Added clocks for people who want to make maps like time trials.

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Doom Arcade New Edition much? Nice mod tho, even though I'm no speedrunner, I can see both speedrunners and casual players alike enjoying this very much.

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