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MAP01 Query

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What is the point of Sector 39 of Entryway? Eight pixels wide, ditto tall and totally dark. Is it a sound pipe or something? If so, why?

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beezee88, there's another way to wake up enemies in "closed" sectors, without using a "sound pipe". First make your area where the player shoots a weapon (or punches) and makes the sound. Next, make your closed sector, and assign its linedefs the same sector number as any of the sectors in the player's area where the sound can be heard. (If you're using the Block Sound attribute to any of your sector linedefs, don't use those sector numbers.) This is known as sector referencing. That's it. Any sound the player makes in the playable sectors, will be heard by enemies in the closed sector.

This alternative method is easiest to implement when the enemies are set up to teleport into the area where the sound originated. In the case of Map01, where the enemies open a door to enter the player's area, some additional tweaking is required.

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