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a solution

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Well, you're probably asking yourself... a solution to what?
Well, I've been working on 3d effects that work not only with the ports but also with vanilla doom2 and the gl ports. The gl ports being an even tougher nut to crack than the vanilla doom2 exe. Anyway -

the problem: How to put an invisible line in the game (or invisible sectors for that matter) without the gl port freaking out. I'm sure if you've tried this - you know what I mean.

the solution: I created a 64x8 translucent patch to put on a new texture of the same size. The result? the gl port recognizes a texture as being there and doesn't freak out.

Here's the result

note that I have the tortured guy hanging "beneath" the stairs.
The invisible line is attached to a dummy sector who's ceiling ends at the bottom of the platform above it.

It worked good. There were still a couple of minor display problems I ran into (with gl) because the sector is lower than the one above it but they are minimal and with a little tweaking will be even less noticeable than they are now. The display problems have more to do with the upper ceiling texture than anything else and really isn't noticeable unless you go looking for it.

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Yeah, I dunno why the GL ports force a texture onto lines with missing textures. I put it in for a little while early on in ZDoomGL development, but took it back out when people complained :)

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Well, the translucent texture took care of that but there are other things. Such as the other problem I ran into with this particular "trick".
Because the line that makes it possible to hang that guy there is attached to a sector which is as high as the bottom of that platform, if you look straight up you can see a HOM in the upper texture above the stairs and it places a texture between the lines of the floor of the platform. Its something I want to eliminate or minimize so that it is barely noticeable but if the heights were the same and the dummy sector had the same ceiling texture, you wouldn't have any problem with that invisible line at all.
could be a good solution for 3d bridges in GL.

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