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Today I went and saw the movie 'May'. You may have seen comercials for it... "if you can't find a friend, make on"? Anyway, I wasn't really expecting much when I went to see it, but I was actually surprised. May is basically a social outcast who's a little crazy, and you see her start to open up until she gets hurt and cracks. Well... it sounds a little like Carrie in that sense, but this movie is much creepier.

I've seen a lot of scary movies in my time, and a lot of gore within movies, but none of that compares to this. I've only been queasy while watching two movies: one was the last scene in Pi (if you've seen it you know the scene I'm referring to), and then May. And I guess what makes it so disturbing is that, for the most part, this premise doesn't seem that far fetched. May might have been odd to start with, but the way people treated her caused her to become the way she did. I mean, I know people who are kind of like her, ya know? And you know what's going to happen, it's really no surprise, but what's disturbing is that you don't want it to happen and you don't know when exactly it will happen.

There are some funny scenes, though these are all intentional and don't detract at all from the movie, and frankly it's nice to have something lighten the mood. The acting (IMO) is rather well done, and you can see a growth in May as the movie progresses. In fact, it's hard to label this a horror film simply because horror film because most movies in that genre are, well, not that well done when held up to films of other genres.

I didn't expect I would at first, and even after it was over, but after the shock is out of my system and I've been able to think about it, I must say that May really is a good movie, something I must recommend seeing at least once.

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Describe the plot-line and I'll pretend to know what you're talking about. :P

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She loves his hands.
She loves her neck.
She loves my fur. Oh shit. :P

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