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MORTIFERUM.wad(Single level vanilla wad)

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A single level kinda slaughtery doom wad, difficulty isn't too hard but keep in mind there is quite alot of monsters in this wad but this map is purely made to have fun with. You can finish it in about 20 minutes, less or more, oh yeah, it also should be vanilla compatible!

Map format: Doom: Doom2 (Doom Format)

Please do not use freelook as there is an icon of sin type "boss fight" in the end.

Tested in... Prboom Plus, Doom Retro, LZDoom and GZDoom.


ScreenshotsPicsart_22-12-08_11-28-21-472.jpg.9d7dd97b85e0b318349f4545be0af014.jpgPicsart_22-12-08_11-30-23-441.jpg.3f1d57732b09ecc53b1419b8f0216b4b.jpgPicsart_22-12-08_11-30-47-396.jpg.2bdd9a6725d9844acb51f30c734f3b0f.jpgDownload: MORTIFERUM.zip

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