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Problem with DeHackEd!!!!!!!!!!!11111

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THING name file cannot be opened!

Welcome to DeHackEd v3.1

Written by Greg Lewis, email at gregl@umich.edu.
Vital Doom exe specs written by Matt Fell.
Special thanks to iD for creating such a wonderful game!

Checking for g:\doom\doombak.exe...
Not ready reading drive G
Abort, Retry, Fail?

What can I do???

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Please tell me if your post is a joke (it's a really strange post.)

Just in case it isn't, edit dehacked.ini, where it points to the executables. I recommend reading the help files that come with dehacked, they explain how it works. You seem to know enough english to be able to read it...

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You need to edit your dehacked.ini to point to the location of your doom(2).exe file and the file you will use as a hacked copy so that you do not mess up the original (just give it a name like doomhack.exe in the same dir as doom2.exe and dehacked will create it for you). You also need to tell it the location of your WAD file and a few other things. Read right through the ini file, especially the section at the end about doom versions.

Don't worry about the things name file error message. This is an additional, optional config file that you can use. Doom does not have the names for all it's things stored in the EXE. Dehacked uses names for all the things, and stores them in its patch files, and these can be edited. You can change these names if you want, but because they are not stored in the doom exe, dehacked will forget them every time you quit and re-start it. It can read them again when you load a deh file, but if you want the changes to always be there, right from start up, you put them in a things name file. Totally optional, and for most people not worth the effort, but I have used the facility for one project that I have.

If you are at the stage of trying out dehacked for the first time, you might want to look at my site for some beginner info and beginner to intermediate tutorials.

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