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100 Line Christmas (Vanilla Community Project) [Final]

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Extremely zesty set of maps for my Christmas morning! Played through the first four maps real quick and I will definitely try and play through the rest once my cats leave me alone lol. Very good challenge- way tougher then I usually play but not "cruel" so it's a nice change of pace. Happy Holidays!

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9 hours ago, Andrea Rovenski said:

yay! whenever idgames/final is up I will record some speed demos. Grats on release yall!

Yay, the community needs speed demos from you to help us learn and enjoy from your plays!

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Im hard pressed to play christmas stuff after christmas - my fam visits actually occur the most beween xmas and new years - I always feel xmas maps should come out a week or 2 before christmas to give ppl a chance


that being said with my limited time I am only taking two of these on and have to carry on my way but kudos on mapset!




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Here's a brand new RC 1.2 with some minor map fixes and some new Christmas monster sprites (Archvile + Mancubus)!

This should be the final version before the /idgames release.


Download RC 1.2





Map fixes:

  • MAP05 now lowers wall once you walk over red door
  • MAP11 now triggers ambush when key is grabbed
  • MAP27 now has a secret


Par times:

  • MAP21 Par updated


New sprites:

  • New Mancubus Xmas Sprites
  • New Archvile Xmas Sprites
  • New Berserk sprite
  • Fixed a weird Lost Soul sprite (made consistent with Minor Sprite Project)


Dehacked Messages:

  • Medikits are now Medigifts
  • Stimpacks are now Minigifts


ZDoom/Eternity Messages:

  • Santa clones are now Mall Santas
  • Cacodemons are now Cacornaments
  • Cyberdemons are now Candydemons
  • Archviles are now Rein-viles


Misc Changes:

  • Made MAP06-MAP07 text screen background not blind people
  • Added DSSECRET sound effect (when grabbing secrets)


Edited by Arsinikk

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8 hours ago, Andrea Rovenski said:

final version or ""final"" version? 😉😉  Downloading! 

Maps should be final "final". (For demos)


I'll probably submit to /idgames this weekend.

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Had fun with this on stream, lots of tough ones here and some great new assets, great work everyone!  Wasn't able to get to everyone's since I didn't have time but played a good chunk.  Happy new year! edit: chapters up!



Edited by sandwedge

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I'm a bit late on this one (sorry), but around 6 months ago at Christmas, a new update was dropped for specifically for DSDA, but not for /idgames.

Well now that update is here!


/idgames: Final v1.1


Changes include:

  • Refreshed sprites and textures from Doom Christmas Enhanced
  • Tweaks made to MAP25, now making it possible/easier to UV-Max

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