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Stealthy Ivan

A living BBS...? Still........?

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I know IRC, and the power of the internet has pretty much shut down the bbs rage... But I was wondering if there is still a living bbs out there, one that still has a small secluded community? I know the BBS that I used to be a member of is long dead... RIP Virtual Arcade!

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Dude.... I heard about the forest bbs in 97, and I wanted to join it soo bad!!! But I live in ohio, and the phone call would have been fucking nuts...! But I played a bunch of levels from the forest bbs back in the day (death match), and they fucking ruled, were you part of that bbs?
Oh...... and I am soo happy the forest has moved to the internet :)
I will be there soon!!!

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HOLY SHIT....!!! Well I am very pleased to meet you...!
That seemed like the best deathmatch bbs out there (thats how we all found out about it!), but me and my crew never had the chance to join :(
Or bbs virtual arcade was cool, and there was alot of doomers (enough that we had plenty of our own compitions) but it never really had the advertising or bandwidth to get a shit load of people... We had like 200 to 270 members in the peak, but it never really got huge...!

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