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The Community Project Tracker

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Really neat thread, thanks for making it! I remember that it was made a similar thread some year ago...


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3 hours ago, Obsidian said:

You called?


Perfect, even better. Didn't expect this so soon, but this will make things more convenient for everyone. Cheers!

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This'll be good for newcomer mappers to get their foot in the door. I've seen a few threads in the past asking for available projects like this, and this makes it much easier to find available slots.

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On 1/1/2023 at 3:14 AM, quakis said:

Cleanout [DOOM1 BOOM]
(1 Slot Available) [Status: Participants Wanted] [Deadline: 13th Feb 2023]

Loving the fact that you've found and included my CP. This is a great list! 

I too hope you manage to keep it updated!

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Happy to announce that BirminDoom is no longer accepting submissions. Currently we are in the stage of finishing current maps and improving the project in general:)

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Announcing Limit Buffet: a project about mapping and composing under strict limitations:


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Posted (edited)

@quakis What is health? RC1 out now with a massive update to RC2 coming today/tomorrow

btw thanks so much for this thread, it's insanely useful.

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Just a small update regarding some minor changes I'll be making to the Tracker I'd like to highlight via a new post. I'm always seeking to make improvements to the presentation of information on the Tracker itself without causing clutter or redundency as best I can.


One recent addition to entries are project start dates based on their topic creation and last edited opening/map listing post date. This is mostly for my own purposes but thought it might be useful info for others too.


Project "Status"
So far the "Status" section for each entry had a lot of redundant information since the majority of projects listed here should typically be active, all looking for mappers and waiting for their submissions. It goes without saying really and have removed those types of details.


I've decided to make changes to primarily focus on actual project status updates (where applicable, of course) such as but not limited to; mention of beta releases, completed map progress if available (ex: 10 out of 32 completed maps), any special case updates like inactivity, leadership changes or specific requests like composers.


In regards to activity, at most I'll be adding a simple (Active) tag to all projects which can later be swapped with an Inactive and Closed status. The "Inactive" status itself will now be added to projects that have gone beyond their deadline with no recent updates from the project starter.


Completed Projects
The original plan was to remove released projects from the tracker, but I've considered highlighting community projects making their big release at the bottom of the list with a link to their release threads. These will probably linger for between one or two weeks. This improves the natural flow of a project entry on the Tracker itself moving from: in progression > fulfilled > closed > to final release.


I'd encourage anyone to post here if there's still something useful missing from the Tracker or have additional quality of life suggestions, so long as it isn't providing redundant information or a becomes nightmare to keep track of. Let me know and I'll consider it.



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On 1/1/2023 at 5:14 AM, quakis said:

Keeping track of multiple active community projects for their current status or looking to join one with mapslots available isn't as simple as it could be, especially as threads are pushed further down, lost within the pages and aren't being seen by potential participants. So this thread exists. See guidelines beneath the active tracking list for more information. Topic pinned, thanks to Obsidian!


Updated list format on Apr 15th 2023: Added topic Started/Edited dates and changed how "Status" entries will be utilised. See my latest post.


Icon Legend: cp_dc.png.711b92b376c04ba7a5a0079ac377eec3.pngDiscord server available | cp_lock.png.73cd04310f214b136df9cd4287d5ca0c.pngClosed project



Total Unclaimed Mapping Slots: Around ~ 70+

* Excludes tallies from projects I'm uncertain of current progress


  • Super Doom TV
    Started on Mar 18th 2023 | Edited on Apr 9th 2023
    • DOOM2 Limit Removing w/ OTEX
      • 11 Slots Available
      • Deadline: [1st July 2023]
      • Status: (Active) -
  • cp_dc.png.711b92b376c04ba7a5a0079ac377eec3.pngPANDORA 64
    Started on Jul 11th 2022 | Edited on Apr 16th 2023 (+ Progress via Discord)
    • DOOM64
      • 2 Slots Available
      • Deadline: [30th Jul 2023]
      • Status: (Active) -
  • Scythe: Resharpened
    Started on Apr 10th 2023 | Edited on Apr 11th 2023 (+ Claim Table via Google Doc)
    • DOOM2 Vanilla
      • 21 Slots Available
      • Deadline: [1st Sep 2023]
      • Status: (Active) - 1 out of 32 Maps Submitted
  • cp_dc.png.711b92b376c04ba7a5a0079ac377eec3.pngHell On World Tour
    Started on Mar 7th 2023 | Edited on Mar 9th 2023 (+ Progress via Discord)
    • DOOM2 Limit Removing
      • Open Submissions
      • Deadline: [Dec 2023]
      • Status: (Active) -
  • Doom 2 In Song Only
    Started on Jan 22nd 2023 | Edited on Feb 27th 2023
    • DOOM2 BOOM
      • 7 Slots Available
      • Deadline: No Set Deadline
      • Status: (Active) -
  • cp_dc.png.711b92b376c04ba7a5a0079ac377eec3.pngDoom 64: The Way We Remember It
    Started on Feb 11th 2023 | Edited on... (+ Progress via Discord)

    • DOOM64

      • 26 Slots Available

      • Deadline: No Set Deadline

      • Status: (Active) - 1 out of 40 Maps Submitted
        # Updates and primary discussion via provided Discord channel.
        Progress here may not reflect project's current status.

  • cp_dc.png.711b92b376c04ba7a5a0079ac377eec3.pngWolfhound
    Started on Apr 14th 2023 | Edited on Apr 16th (+ Progress via Discord)

    • DOOM1 Limit Removing

      • 29 Slots Available

      • Deadline: No Set Deadline

      • Status: (Active) -


  • Alphabet Doom
    Started on Jan 7th 2023 | Edited on Apr 7th 2023
    • DOOM2 Limit Removing
      • Slots Fulfilled
      • Deadline: [7th Apr 2023] #Todo: Follow up status
      • Status: (Active) - 19 out of 32 Maps Submitted
  • Cleanout
    Started on Aug 27th 2022 | Edited on Apr 12th 2023
    • DOOM1 BOOM w/ OTEX
      • Slots Fulfilled
      • Deadline: [15th Apr 2023] #Todo: Follow up status
      • Status: (Active) -
  • Finer Doom: The Nominal Touches
    Started on Sep 28th 2022 | Edited on Apr 18th 2023

    • TNT Limit Removing

      • Slots Fulfilled

      • Deadline: [30th Apr 2023]

      • Status: (Active) -

  • Recreate Plutonia from Memory!
    Started on Feb 18th 2023 | Edited on Apr 6th 2023
    • PLUTONIA Limit Removing
      • Slots Fulfilled
      • Deadline: [18th May 2023]
      • Status: (Active) - Artist & Composers Wanted / 11 out of 32 Maps Submitted
  • cp_lock.png.73cd04310f214b136df9cd4287d5ca0c.png10 Line Massacre
    • DOOM2 BOOM
      • Closed to New Submissions
      • Deadline Met
      • Status: (Closed & Compiling)
  • cp_lock.png.73cd04310f214b136df9cd4287d5ca0c.pngDoomed Urbex
    • DOOM2 MBF21
      • Closed to New Submissions
      • Deadline Met
      • Status: (Closed & Compiling)




  • cp_dc.png.711b92b376c04ba7a5a0079ac377eec3.pngPUSS XXVI: Clandestine Castle Crashing 2
    Started on Mar 6th 2023 | Edited on ...(+ Progress via Discord)
    • DOOM2 BOOM

      • Open Submissions

      • Timelimit: 7 Hours per mapper

      • Deadline: [27th Apr 2023]

      • Status: (Active) -


  • cp_lock.png.73cd04310f214b136df9cd4287d5ca0c.pngPUSS XXV: Lunacy
    • DOOM2 BOOM

      • Closed to New Submissions

      • Timelimit: 3 Hours per mapper

      • Deadline Met

      • Status: (Closed & Compiling) - Beta release available




    Started on Feb 23rd 2023 | Edited on Feb 26th 2023
    • DOOM1 .MOD Music Format
      • 39 Slots Available
      • Deadline: [18th July 2023]
      • Status: (Active) - Composers Wanted



None, for now...



Updated details below on Apr 15th 2023: Adjusted guidelines regarding entry updates and inactive projects


Details for the Community Project Tracker:

The aim is the keep this topic updated frequently within reason to be a useful reference focusing on community projects and events seeking participants. I'll also be keeping strict guidelines for my own sanity since this could easily become a headache otherwise if I don't. These guidelines may be added to or updated over this thread's lifetime and the tracking list may change formatting for simplified ease of reference. As I cannot be kept up to date on every single project 24/7, there will likely be some delays to updating the tracker and I may also need some assistance keeping on top of things as things do slip under the radar after all.


Additions to the list can include, but not limited to: Map Submission Community Projects, Speedmapping Events, Mapping Contests and Music/MIDI Composition Projects.


See spoiler for more detailed information;

  Reveal hidden contents


Current list template:

The list itself will be sorted by deadlines in ascending order.

  • project title + link
    date started | last edit date
    • IWAD and map format
      • map slots
      • [deadline]
      • current status


General Guidelines for project additions/updates:

  • New or currently active projects must have clear project guidelines with an intended IWAD, mapping format, mapslots availability / submission details and any aimed deadlines.
  • Discord channels: Projects where progress is primarily updated via Discord channels are encouraged to update their topics occasionally, or their progress status on the tracker may not be accurate
    • I will not be keeping track of Discord channels, sorry.
  • 48 Hour or shorter timed/speedmapping events should provide prior notice in advance to be promptly added to the list, preferably by an announcement thread before the event's start time that can then be linked to.
  • When the community project's mapslots have been fulfilled, its status will change to reflect this and remain listed until the project's release for convenience of submissions and in the event a mapslot may reopen at a later time.
    • Projects with fulfilled mapping slots will be repositioned to the fulfilled section, to keep eyes on projects still seeking participants.
  • Projects with open submissions and/or no map count limitations will remain where they are positioned until they have been closed.
  • Upon release of the completed project, it's entry will moved to the released section for around week or so as a highlight for their completion.
  • If a project deadline has passed and hasn't received any recent status updates, it's status will change to (Inactive) and I may prompt for status updates.
    • Projects with no deadlines set and inactive threads will be prompted for a status update after some time
    • Further additional inactivity may have their listing dropped depending on the circumstances. Get in touch if the situation changes.

How you can help:

  •     If your community project or event isn't listed here and it adheres to the guidelines above, feel free to @ me once in the project thread or simply post here.
  •     If the status of the project or event changes and hasn't been updated here for several days, feel free to get in touch or simply post here.
  •     Keep you opening post up to date as often as possible, this is the simplest method to ease tracker accuracy.
  •     Please have patience, thank you!




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4 minutes ago, SpaceCatCommander said:

@quakis, can you change that Wolfhound is vanilla only and not limit removing, please

Made the change, I assume that the project had recently focused on being vanilla only? The thread's opening post suggested that maps should either be vanilla or limit removing so I initially just chose the latter for this list. Cheers for the correction.

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Posted (edited)

Been going at this for half a year now, so it's about time Doomguy upgraded from tatty parchment to a sturdy clipboard and have updated the banner. I've also made some further changes to the listing format again which I've noted below:

  • Moved the "Speedmapping Events" section to the top of the tracker to be more visible due to their shorter timeframes.
  • Included an "Inactive Project" subsection so I easily can keep track of those separately after doing a status roundup and having no response. I must stress I want this tracker to be focused on actively in-deveploment projects looking for help, so listings here may eventually be dropped if I cannot ascertain the status of the project. There's no harm re-adding an entry at a later date should activity return.
  • "Closed Projects" are now listed under their own header due to the excess amount of them. These will continue to remain here until their eventual release day.
  • The "Released Project" section has been adjusted due to the initial bulkiness, instead manually listing them as simple links with release dates. I'm still uncertain how I want this section to look exactly so I may make additional changes or revert back to the old method.
  • Included some additional icons to help visibly see which projects need musicians and/or artists. These icons may later change to fit their designation if I can figure something else out: [cp_mus.png.99015debb0f7e12a5ffc73417d7f4da9.pngMusicians Wanted!] and [cp_art.png.eff94a9cd0894c2f1e17047984d5a58c.pngArtists Wanted!]

Because we're halfway into 2023 and I don't want to bump too many topics at once, across this month I'll be sending out PMs to project leads for any projects listed in the tracker that haven't seen recent activity in their threads and have long past their initial/extended deadlines to determine what their current status is.



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Posted (edited)

@quakis Can you add my project into tracker, please? And add icon that indicates that wad is in need of musicians


Edit: Thanks a lot!

Second Edit: I have failed miserably lol

Edited by SpaceCat_2001

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Hey@quakis just got started with a community project a couple days ago, mind putting it in here?



Started out on august 29

Deadline on Last week of January 2024


We still got 11 free slots, each one related to a specific weapon combination.

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