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Favorite other games' map conversions in Doom WADs & vice versa

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Some mappers are often kind and creative enough to bring certain maps from other games to their Doom WADs by recreating them and sometimes it's the other way around — amazing Doom maps recreations can be found in other games. Moreover, this is not uncommon that the authors skillfully adopt those maps to the appropriate game which they transfer it to. What are some of your favorite level conversions in each of these two cases?


Concerning other games' maps, one of my favorite Doom levels that contains such is definitely Doom Zero's map 31Meat (2019) by @DASI-I. Despite the fact that it only has parts of several maps, it ingeniously and consequently combines some easily recognizable areas from first maps from the most iconic FPS games, concretely Wolfenstein 3D (1992), Doom (1993), Doom II (1994), Quake (1996) and Quake II (1997). It even has couple of secrets kept like on the original Hangar (E1M1; Doom) and The Slipgate Complex (E1M1; Quake). The level makes an impression of its parts being interconnected thanks to the meat theme reflected in wall and floor textures. The fact that this map is a secret one makes it even more entertaining to travel around it, especially considering that it has a secret exit. Speaking of the alternative exit, as for the technical side, the final path for it is made in a really clever manner, as only certain part of that can be visible in a specific period of time and appears segment by segment as you continue through by turning. BigMacDavis did an amazing step-by-step walkthrough of Meat.



Another good example is The House of Cyberdemon (THEHOUSE.WAD) (1996) by Massimo Ciano, which is the recreation of The House of Chthon (E1M7; Quake).


When it comes to Doom maps that have been adopted to other games' engines, I tend to think about E1M2 remake (2007) from the Q3 Ultimate Doom map pack by an unknown author. Even considering that the light could have been done in a little bit more complete way, this map is quite an exact recreation of the original Knee-Deep in the Dead's map 2. As far as I could notice, every single Nuclear Plant's secret was transferred to this Quake III version. As for E1M1, I rather prefer the one made by Martinus in 2018.


Another good map to mention is the remake of Doom II's map 07 Dead Simple (2007) by Cutter, analogically for Quake III. This version of the level is quite small for Deathmatch in my opinion, but it works well with mods like Hellfire Arena, Eternal Arena etc., which allow to play in some more game regimes.


It's priceless to feel a Doom map to be infinite.


Finally, an absolutely amazing WAD that literally contains Doom II's map 01 Entryway in it is Doom Center by @Doorhenge, which you can access through one of numerous in-map slot machines. This is indeed just a tiny particle of all the amazing things that this piece of art provides for the player. This is however a little bit out of topic, cause it's a Doom level having another Doom level in that, but at the same time I cannot think of many worthy maps like this. This WAD is a whole another universe, I definitely recommend this one, a rare Doom map that doesn't need the exit to be cool.


There are indeed plenty of other levels like this that are ones of my favorite conversions to/from Doom, but what are some of yours?

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REKKR's E3M9 has a concept similar to Doom Zero MAP31's, combining the opening areas of a bunch of games, but with a different selection of games.


Can't go without mentioning Arcadia Demade, a remake of Bioshock's Arcadia by the primary designer of the original level. To be honest I hardly remember anything about the original level (I never finished Bioshock, and it's been far too long since I last played it), but the demake is a great atmospheric map in its own right (and done with vanilla textures, too!). See also the designer commentary.


I unironically love Plutonia 7 MAP25 and TNT: Threevilution MAP25, but rather than sitting around to explain, I encourage you to experience these levels for yourself.

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I'd also like to add:

  1. Castle of the Damned (CASTLEOF.WAD) (1996), equally by Massimo Ciano, which is the recreation of Quake's E1M2.
  2. Return to the Entryway (TABD2MAP01) for Quake 3 by Tabun, which is of course the recreation of Doom 2's map 01 Entryway.

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I once remade Dead Simple as a Forge map for Halo 3. The scaling was off a bit, but the layout was there and it made for some really fun matches of slayer.

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"Hangar 16" in the Arcane Dimensions mod for Quake is a blast. The way it plays with your expectations and memories of the original level make it feel like a bit of a conversation between the player and the mapper.




The custom Prodeus map "The Slipgate Complication" by PuLsAr is well made on the face of it, but I love it's surprise twist to bits.




Finally, the START map for the excellent Quake mod Copper, which is built around the abandoned ruins of Quake's iconic E1M1. You can almost completely ignore it if you want, but there's some fun surprises if you manage to use your memory of the original map and its DM-centric secrets to navigate it from back to front...



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Posting this because I thought of it:

Generations for Quake II (As opposed to Generations Arena, for Quake III) would've incorporated Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake's shareware campaigns into Quake II. However, IIRC, id Software cease-and-desisted the project for containing IWAD assets.

In Generation Arena, the modmakers just used Quake III assets (which is why B.J. Blaskowicz uses the Sarge model).

I'm bringing this up now because this thread reminded me of an old youtube video:


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