I recently started to use 86box and PCem to emulate old machines, made a build with DOS, Windows 95 and even a 120 mhz Pentium running Windows 98 to play Broken Sword.   Then I researched what a good PC from late 1993 could look like, to have the most authentic experience running the first version of Doom (0.99) that was uploaded to an FTP run at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on December 10, 1993. This is the machine I ended with:     This would be almost top of the line at the moment but I'm not getting smooth 35fps at high detail and one notch below max screen size (to show the HUD). I get the full 35 if I enable low detail. Do you think this is accurate or may be the emulator not performing how it should? According to 86box emulation is running at 100% speed.   I also searched on alt.games.doom and found a lot of messages from people playing on 386 and complaining about how they had to enable low detail or very small screens to play fluidly, wishing they had a 486. I find all of this really interesting and the question is, was Doom really that advanced that no consumer PC could run it at full speed at the time?