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[Community Project] Doom 2 Minus Doom (30 maps complete!)

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@GamingGargoyle Thanks for the update! I'm going to go ahead and mark this complete.


We're up to 26 completed maps with six days to the deadline!

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On 3/22/2024 at 3:31 AM, janiform said:

A few things:

  • Please add some courtesy DM starts
  • The single-barrel shotgun is not allowed in this project
  • The forbidden texture MIDGRATE is used in a few places
  • Sector 0 uses two forbidden flats, but given that it's an unopenable doorway with a length of 8 it's not a big deal

thanks for the feedback!
here is the updated version of my map with all of those issues fixed 
MAP11 dead battery 1.1

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@big smokeAwesome, thanks! I'm going to mark this complete.


We're up to 27 completed maps with four days to the deadline!



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@Andrea Rovenski Great map! It feels like something Sandy might have made. I love the hub with with a finite supply of health, the varied and interconnected spokes, and the intense combat. Nice use of the earthy Doom 2 textures and the fast doors. You didn't use any forbiden textures or assets and included coop and DM starts. Unless you have any updates to make, I'm happy to mark this complete!


@Forgotten SoulThanks for this! It will help with compiling the release candidates and final release.

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Posted (edited)

@Kuro_mahohNice work! I like the clean architecture that is constantly growing and transforming, and the way the combat difficulty increases while keeping the overall monster count low. Solid use of the texture set, nice deathmatch-exclusive area. I'm going to mark this complete, but if you have any updates to make just let me know!


@Forgotten SoulThank you for your help!


We're up to 29 maps complete and the deadline is today!

Edited by janiform

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Posted (edited)

@Kuro_mahoh Awesome map ! I like the pretty strong aesthetic identity, the way areas merge, evolve and shapeshift in unexpected ways, the excellently calibrated combat and the little TNT Map03 reference. A few things of note :

     - Some chaingunners are supposed to teleport to a sector tagged 22, which doesn't exist. I think they're ment to teleport here, but that sector isn't tagged 22 and doesn't have a teleport exit.


     - Speaking of that area, I think those switches use a prohibited texture.

     - It'd be cool to be able to go back to the starting area, to get the left-over health and whatnot.

     - There's no way of finding the secret once the bars the switch is on are open. That's just rude.

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Posted (edited)

@Demonic Meatball Thanks for pointing that out, I made a new updated version with some fixes

-Teleporter works now 
-Replaced prohibited textures 
-Moved secret switch 
-Added teleport to go back into map start
-Fixed an issue where a soulsphere only appears on UV (How did I do that wow)


@janiform Updated version of the map 

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On 3/30/2024 at 2:47 PM, janiform said:

@Kuro_mahoh@Anarkzie@PasokonDeacon@Bochnik Chleba Any updates? We're coming up on the deadline now.


@Andrea RovenskiI'm going to go ahead and mark your map complete, but let me know if you have any updates!


We're up to 28 completed maps, and the deadline is tomorrow!

Not quite finished yet. I'll be working on it today so I'll let you know how I get on.

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Posted (edited)

I'm also still less than 24 hours out (progression mostly final, thing placement not so much), though I finally got to make the lion's share of mapping progress this weekend.








Maybe I bit off a lot to chew in the span of a few days, but I wanted to do the MAP26 slot justice. Let me know if you need a beta soon for RC1; I've already selected a MIDI and placed co-op/DM starts.

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Posted (edited)

Sorry for not responding, but here is my a tad late submission:

Name: Unknown echo

Slot: MAP31

MIDI: "Gloomy" (from Duke Nukem 3D) by Lee Jackson

Tested in: DSDA and Crispy

// COOP and DM starts included


unknown echo.wad


Updated version: unknown echo_v2.wad








Edited by Bochnik Chleba : Map update

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@Bochnik Chleba Nice work! Immaculate use of lighting and a limited palette of textures to create a sense of place. The intense combat and unique setting make this an ideal secret map. At the risk of asking a stupid question, how do you get the SSG on the pillar near the start?

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21 minutes ago, janiform said:

At the risk of asking a stupid question, how do you get the SSG on the pillar near the start?

There is a switch in that room with the SSG which opens a window, then you go back to the place you start in and jump through onto the SSG. I know I over complicated this, but I just wanted to have some tone setter for the map :)

Picture of what I'm talking about:



Also thanks for the positive feedback! 

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Posted (edited)

@Bochnik Chleba Call me crazy, but your level's general darkness, mostly black textures, platforming and bleak midi reminded me of a slaughter map, even though there's never more than about 12 enemies/fight. Honestly this level is absolutely incredible. There are a few things I'd like to point out though :


     - No way to backtrack at the end without going in the damaging floor ? Rude.

     - The textures in this part of the map are misaligned, which is extra problematic 'cause there's a secret there.


1779755349_Capturedcran2024-04-02231515.png.6a5e8ffe5724d926ddd6cf4260436ae5.png2146306438_Capturedcran2024-04-02231544.png.d1ebb12dadbb0e6e4885ddf8dcb9260f.pngoops all misaligned

     - Concerning a few secrets :


  - The door between sector 205 and the corridoor should be open stay imo. I think once found, the health stash should be accessible without going into damaging floor.




 -I think the Soulsphere secret could work if there's a rad suit somewhere relatively close (in the secret with boxes of rockets for exemple). 



also @Kuro_mahoh I made a midi for your map. I know it already has a midi, but it's a track that will be replayed literally 3 maps later. I made it relatively similar to the one you chose. Also, it's not Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden. Absolutely not. What are you even talking about. A Fly on Jay's Desk.zip

EDIT: I second that statement. It's not Fear of the Dark. At all. It's Run to the Hills.

Edited by Demonic Meatball

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Posted (edited)

Doing a rundown of the whole megawad rn for things that should probably be fixed, starting with the first 6 maps:

     - @Rorix MAP01 : BIGDOOR1, BIGDOOR2 and SW1COMM aren't allowed

     - @Walter confetti MAP02 : - DOORTRAK isn't allowed.

                                             - No backtracking after reaching the exit ? Rude.

     - @Somniac MAP03 : - CRATOP1, CRATOP2, FLOOR0_1, DOORTRAK, CEMENT6, EXITDOOR and SW1BRCOM aren't allowed

                                     - Needs Coop Starts

                                     - One of the doors (Sector 72) Only opens from one side, and I doubt this is intentional.

     - @NeedHealth MAP04 : FLOOR1_6, SHAWN2 and EXITDOOR aren't allowed.

     - @Kuro_mahoh MAP05 : FLAT20, SW1STARG and DOORKRAK aren't allowed.

     - @Rorix MAP06 : - SW1COMM and CEMENT5 aren't allowed

                                 - The revenant cubby that leads to the secret megasphere only has switches on the wrong side of the wall.


btw I check which textures are allowed with this little wad I made with freedoom assets. @janiform  could youpls check the TEXTURE1 lump to see if I did any errors :

Freedoom2 assets only.zip

Edited by Demonic Meatball : CEMENT6 is officially not allowed

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@Demonic Meatball Huge thanks for the generous feedback! I've made a few changes according to it.


Change log:

  • Added a backtracking teleport in the exit area
  • Outright removed the bluesphere secret, because I realised just how stupid it was
  • Specific secret doors are now set to Open Stay for better quality of life
  • Aligned some textures where it was necessary

unknown echo_v2.wad

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Posted (edited)

continuing with the next 5 maps:

     - @Bri0che - CEMENT6 isn't allowed.

                       - One of the Teleporters (Sector 225) doesn't lead anywhere, even though it has teleport linedef actions.

                       - Yellow door is broken in some source ports because of the linedef inside the door. It should be moved a little bit further inside the room.

     - @Lorcav - DOORTRAK and EXITDOOR aren't allowed.

     - @EPICALLL MAP10 : - DOORTRAK and CEMENT6 aren't allowed.

                                      - Teleports for the post red key fight are still broken.

                                      - A total of 60 cells for the plasma gun really isn't enough.

     - @big smoke MAP11 : - MFLR8_2 isn't allowed.

Edited by Demonic Meatball

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49 minutes ago, Demonic Meatball said:

@Bochnik Chleba And thank you for the level ! I checked real quick, notably the alinement secret, and...

  Reveal hidden contents


How we supposed to see which one is the secret now ?


Well, misaligned textures were never the secret sauce. Instead look above each column and spot a difference corresponding with the hidden secret :)



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