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How do I make a sector raise after a cacodemon dies?


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Boom does not have this capability, there's no way to grant an arbitrary actor an arbitrary trigger in the map itself. That is unless you really wanted to get into the weeds and modify the Cacodemon to use A_BossDeath and swap its type with the Arachnotron, and your desired floor raising action is on MAP07. Alternatively, MBF21 gives you A_LineEffect.

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Yes. Actors in GZDoom under UDMF and Hexen can be given actions much like lines, for enemies they trigger them upon death.

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The simplest answer for Boom compat would be to add A_BossDeath somewhere in Cacodemon's death state frames and use UMAPINFO bossaction on top of that. There's plenty of overlap between "popular port choices for Boom maps" and "umapinfo support".


You will be tied to killing "all cacodemons" though, for "one specific with other cacos alive on the map somewhere" it'll get more complicated (basically make a dehextra-driven full copy of a caco that's a different entity). So if you want a lot of this type of stuff, then advanced/scripting-enabled formats are a better choice.

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