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Shrine of the great spider [UDMF]

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Shrine of the great spider


iwad:                            Doom 2

Slot:                            Map01

Format:                        UDMF

Tested with:                  GzDoom

Jumping:                       No

Difficulty levels:              Supported

Textures:                      Otex 1.1

Length:                         +800 Monsters on UV

Music:                           "All you have to do is practice" from Riviera: The Promised Land
                                   Midi is from vgmusic.com


Finished making this map today, I'd appreciate any feedback.


edit (1): Fixed a bug in the map and added txt file

edit (2): Made the map a bit more forgiving on lower difficulties

edit (3): Made some improvements to the map's readability







Edited by JJBoren

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I feel like the screenshots don't really do this one justice, I had a blast with this!


Played on UV, took about 33 mins (in-game) and got 808/817 kills with 2/4 secrets. Most encounters were beaten quick enough that I was constantly moving and hardly noticed the high monster count (huge clumps of low tiers went a long way here). There's a fast paced feeling to the map that seems to belie the enormity of it, which is awesome. Lots of fun, clever fights, some very creative re-use of space and transformation, and I think you did a wonderful job of keeping progression clear with minimal backtracking (fantastic layout). 


The last two fights on the island of ruins left a bit to be desired, particularly the first one outside, given the miles of space to maneuver and the fact that the fight loses all tension/risk once the Viles are dealt with. Neither of the final arenas felt as tough as some of the preceding setups, I thought, but that's a pretty minor critique in the grand scheme and isn't necessarily a bad thing. Resources seemed finely tuned, I never really got lost, and there were some great surprises from start to finish! Good stuff.


I did notice some floating armor bonuses along this secret ledge, guessing they weren't intentional haha.




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1 hour ago, RonnieJamesDiner said:

I feel like the screenshots don't really do this one justice, I had a blast with this!


Thank you for the feedback. It's nice to hear someone enjoying the map I spent so many hours on.

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I guess this difficulty torture is like a sub genre but I'm not restarting this on not too rough, sorry. Looked fine though.

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Big map, really tight on resources. Fun and interesting environments and setups!



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8 hours ago, thelamp said:

Big map, really tight on resources. Fun and interesting environments and setups!


Thanks for the vid, it was very informative. I made some quick changes to improve the map's readability.

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I just finished this and its just as good as everything else youve made. I think Demons Ripped My Flesh is still my favorite but this, though vastly different than your newest map Flame Haze, shows some great creativity and imagination. Even though it is mostly centered around a handful of setpiece fights there are some really good traps along with some solid incedental fights throughout the progression. The secrets in DRMF were one of my favorite aspects of that set but I was unable to get a single one of the four on this map despite seeing at least three of them and finding a secret switch that I couldnt figure out and noticing a wall in a closet that looked like it should open up. I really must say that Im in awe of your work and definately count myself as one of your fans as I will continue to immediately download and play anything you create in the future. Thank you very much for sharing all of these!

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