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The Infernal Ritual (some playable updates)

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The Infernal Ritual is made by a friend from DoomerBoards. He gave me permission to upload it here.

The Infernal Ritual is a single level hell-themed wad made in BOOM-Format wad made for DOOM 2. It's been tested on LZDOOM,ZZDOOM, and ZDOOM. The map comes with two level difficulties. HMP and UV.

He also intended on this map to be played with vanilla style, but doesn't mind people playing it with mods and mouselook. So go for it if you want.





Download:  Infernal Version 2 or Infr v2.zip




Music:  Biobrew.mid -Fookerton

OLD: Evening of the Undead.midi - Zombies ate my Neighbors


-Fixed a weird floor glitch where demons clip through the ground.

-Added some monster traps

-Changed some monster placements for UV.

-Changed the music to something more fitting.

-Fixed some mistakes regarding to anyone playing on Pr-Boom.

-Added extra rooms.

-Changed some secrets areas

-Reduced some health and ammo to what could be somewhat challenging.

-Added context for the automap before somebody gets the wrong idea.

-Disregard the old version.


Thanks and have fun!-DangerousBowie



Btw here's that reference for that out of context automap secret.



Edited by CrocketRocket : Updates mapper made.

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Really enjoyed the design of the map. Also liked the difficulty settings. Played first on HNTR and afterwards on UV. Since I didn't die once on UV it's most likely too easy ;) Fun map :)

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Small update: Davie wanted to let you all know he appreciated the small feedback and has posted some updates on this wad. Hopefully it'll be somewhat playable for those on Pr-Boom.

On 1/17/2023 at 9:50 PM, Biodegradable said:



That intellectual part is an Umineko VN reference apparently. One of the characters litterally proclaims herself as "intellectual" and I'm serious someone wrote that in there.



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I accidentally hit reload when I was killed hitting a door that wasn't opening in the chapel, but this map was really good. I sort of wish I didn't have to camp at the chapel door, but it's well-constructed with a vivid array of hell environments and the supercharge secret in the library was nice, if a mite big. I did find a softlock in the room the player's in here





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Guys, has anyone managed to find 100% secrets? I love Infernal Ritual, but finding all the secrets has been a lot of work.

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