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doom.wrong.button.com - weekly toons up!

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Hello all. The toons are up for this week. This is the second and last week Transformers the Movie will be up. The final eps for Beast Wars and Beast Machines are up. The last ep of season 1 of X-Men Evolution is up now. Once the new season is on TV, they'll be up. Next week season 3 of Transformers will be up, 5 eps a week.

Coming up soon: Midis for all of the Doom games, Descent 1 and 2, and Duke Nukem 3D. This way, if anyone wants to take a try at getting the songs into awesome sounding MP3s, the midis will be available. Remember, the TNT Midis are on the site now. Also, some more ripped game music will be up soon, including the music tracks from Blood, and Castlevania music (ripped, not the CDs), courtesy of the Castlevania Dungeon (www.classicgaming.com/castlevania/), and maybe more. We'll see how ambitious I get when I could be playing Max Payne... :)

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Did someone say music from Blood? Cool! I like that game, but however I will not buy Blood 2 for two reasons: It is no longer available, and also because it is a bad joke.

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