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A new version of DeePBSP is posted at sbsoftware.com

Normally this is not downloadable as a separate file, but for those who are registered, you can download the new version and just replace the one in your installation folder (versions 11.6x and up - maybe earlier?).

The split default when loaded as a standalone was also changed from 8 to 16 - since the defaults were meant for "speed" on older slow systems. The new default usually generates slightly better output. When run from the GUI, the setting was already 16.

Fixes the relatively rare occurrence where an angled line is not split correctly. It also works better for Legacy, although the split factor should be 64 (not the default of 16). Press F5 - Nodes to change.

Although tested with the 2 levels I had that exhibited this bug and 2 very large levels (> 12000 linedefs), I hope that everything else is still ok. Nodes built may NOT be the same as before. Please let me know if something does not work compared to the prior version.

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Deep, for grins I tried setting WadAuthor to use deepbsp.exe as an external node builder, it did not work. Should it work if I got the external node build command correct, such as

ExternalNodeBuildCmd=deepbsp.exe $_Wadfile $_Wadfile


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A wild guess - WA has problems with running non DOS utils doesn't it? DeePBSP is actually a win32 exe so that could be where the problem comes from.

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Brad_tilf said:

I'd like to try it - will it work without Deepsea? And... does it have commandline paramaters?

Yes and no. First off you need the CW3230MT.DLL that comes with the DeePsea install. Put that in the directory where DeePBSP is installed.

However, DeePBSP will not write a PWAD file back to itself - I just don't believe that to be a safe way to do things. You can direct the output to some other filename and that will work. IOW: $_WADFILE TEST.WAD

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