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ZDooM bots question

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is it just me or do the bots seem really dumb. I deathmatch them on the first level of the (ultimate) doom.wad and the bot always get stuck trying to get the health bonuses by the green armor. is there any way to fix it???

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ghetto said:

is there any way to fix it???

Find a level they like. :-)

Actually, that's about it. The bots can be very dumb, but on some levels they can work really well. It's just a case of finding which ones. Biffy can probably point you at some good ones.

Aside from that, you could track down DoomBot (ver 0.51 I think) and the beta release of Skulltag before the one where they removed the bots. Both of those will give you a tougher challenge (links anyone?)

There are other options too, but I forget them ATM.


OK, I think this is the Doombot I was on about


and of course, SkullTag


For bots, you want the Hissy special edition.


Oh yeah, both the above are based on Zdoom 1.22, so will not support DM in levels intended for newer versions of Zdoom. And it's doombot 5.1 not 0.51

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