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Astro X

Which celestial body would you visit?

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4 hours ago, Solmyr said:

The Sun, but i would go when it's nighttime just to be sure, otherwise it would be pretty boring to look at a featureless blinding white background.

I recommend landing on the dark side of the Sun.

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Tau Ceti D, so I can plant some annelid eggs on the surface and prepare the greatest prank the universe will ever see. 

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Can't decide, should be one with enough optical special effects :P

Just dirt and rocks is boring.


Being on the Topic, a few Years ago they send a Probe named Juno to the Moon Europa, to check it out.

I was laughing hard, it is a brutal nerd Joke.

Jupiter cheated on his Wife Juno with Europa... They send out Juno to check out what Europa is doing there with Jupiter...

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If you are thinking of flying a Cessna when you get there, the following might be a useful decision guide.




Fun article here.

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