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Bastion Escape

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A medium-sized Ultimate Doom map. Walk around, kill demons, press switches. Not much to say about it.


IWAD: Doom.wad (Ultimate Doom)

Maps: E1M1 only

Tested on: PrBoom+

Music from Plutonia MIDI pack.






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Hi, I played your map.


It has some room for improvement, though.

It can already be seen in your screenshots, that variation of brightness levels is missing. Look at all those lamps that don't make any areas brighter.

The part with the maze played a little dull. Pressing switches and explore the next small part of the maze is not that interesting. Doortrack textures could be used at doors. Then - probably it's just me not finding some more switches, but - it seems that some secrets and doors are broken and can't be opened or only opened once where it should be possible multiple times.


But I hope this didn't sound too negative, I hope you continue mapping and maybe utilize some of the things I said.

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Thanks for the feedback. All secrets are working and can be visited at any time until you "drop down" outside to the final fighting area. I think you just couldn't figure out the


first door to the outside that closes when you approach. It can be opened.


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Yeah, I replayed and I need to apologize, indeed the secrets and that one door to the outside are working!


One thing though,


the little door that leads to the tunnel from which you "drop down" can't be opened from the outside (in case you want to backtrack before dropping down).


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No need to apologize, thanks for playing and giving feedback in the first place

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Pretty good for all my money. This is a primitive looking Doom 1 hell map, which isn't a bad thing at all in my eyes. The visuals look rough, but with nice some flair, especially at the start. I'll admit, it looks and plays pretty nicely. The combat and monster placement was basic, but it keeps you hooked throughout the map. In the spoiler, I share some of my thoughts of the map.




This outside in the beginning area is nice. Reminds alot of 90s WAD's, but in a nice, nostalgic way.



The red brick maze area is gripping and fun to fight monsters. Especially when the cacodemons and barons joined :)



When playing this map in Crispy Doom, I noticed a visual glitch. The bars are inside the ceiling, but it can be fixed if you change the light level of that sector. I suppose it's not your fault, because you used PRBoom, which I guess doesn't render that visual glitch.



Big fan of the drop off out the wooden building, a cool gesture in by itself.



I love when there's lots of pickups to collect off the ground, I should do this more in my maps aswell. 



I like the teleporter, which is guarded by two cyberdemons and the way the map itself ended. I was really confused the first time around!



Overall, a nice ode to various old-school maps from back in the day, intended or not. The final arena might feel primitive to some people, but it feels like a strong note to end a map on. Splendid map and a big thumbs up to the creator. Good stuff.


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