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how do I make custom weapon sounds in slade (moved from incorrect forum)

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Posted (edited)

This is the wrong forum, you want Editing Questions.

It's difficult to help you when if you provide no information about what you know and what exactly you're trying to achieve. Have you done any searching or learning how Doom wads work? There is lots of info online and it's pointless for someone to write up a tutorial for you if you haven't looked into it at all yourself. Here's a bit to get you started - you want to make a wad with the sound replacements you want to use. Each sound in Doom has a specific name for it so you need to find the name for the sound you want to replace and name your new sound to that. Don't forget to convert the sounds to Doom format.



I'm making a joke wad

Please consider if this is the best move. If you are a novice at Doom editing it will be a lot, lot, lot harder to be funny since you don't know the language maps communicate in, what can and can't be achieved, what the expectations are so you can subvert them and so on. 'Joke'wads are a dime a dozen since they are often so low effort and very few people are funny enough and good enough at level design to make an actually funny wad.

Edit: actually weird shit is cool so yeah, make whatever but gl being funny

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