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Cool alpha trick.

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Something I discovered yesterday, not sure if you guys already knew about it.
You can wander about the intro map with noclip on.
-Load the map
-Once the spinning id logo comes up do NOT click any of the mouse buttons.
-Bring up the console and type in pm_noclipspeed 500
-Next, turn on noclip and the screen will go blank and the sound will cut out.
-If you turn on wireframe display you will see that you are actually inside a cube.
-Step out of the cube and keep walking forward (you may have to look around a bit, it's pretty confusing) until you eventually see the cityscape.
-Enjoy the scenery:)
-If you click the mouse, the events of the intro will start unfolding.

Also, the locations where most of the action takes place in the intro, are in "rooms" near the city model, not part of it. You'll have to fly around a bit to find them.
Ok, that's all:)

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Heh, I found that a while back. Actually I'm not sure if I did it exactly the same way, but I could noclip around the hallway which overlooks the cityscape.

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