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Make door open downwards

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Hey all,


I was playing the master levels of doom, and came a cross a door that opens downwards. Is this possible in ultimate doom builder UDMF Format?




-The Dude.



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It's just a lift. It's the same logic as a door but the floor height is at the ceiling, and it uses platform lower-wait-raise type action.

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in classic doom you can make it a lift but you can also use a lineaction that lowers the sector floor to the nearest floor for doors that should open this way and stay open (also popular for making bars that lower)


all this is possible in any doom map format, including UDMF/(G)ZDoom format

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There are "doors" that open downward in E3M1, as well. That is why the doors "close" upward after awhile, too.


If you would follow the floor lowering method that Amiga Angel mentioned, be sure to either make the floor of the "door" sector the same as the surrounding floor (so it doesn't stand out after the door "opens" or use one of the linedef actions that changes the floor of the lowering sector to match the floor of the surrounding sector. In vanilla/limit-removing Doom, this is only possible with walkover actions, but with Boom/MBF/DiH/UDMF, you can do a floor transfer on any type of floor lowering action (walkover, switch-activated, or gun-activated).

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