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Doomseeker servers not showing up

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More information would be helpful:

1) Windows or Linux

2) Odamex or Zandronum

3) have you enabled any filters?

4) under Options -> Configure, your masterserver address for Zandronum should read:


your masterserver address for Odamex should read:



Alot of help has moved off of the discussion boards and onto Discord.

For Odamex, their server is https://discord.gg/vHUu236

For Zandronum, the server is https://discord.gg/2AmVySu


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There are 3 places I can think of where your ability to get server listings

might be blocked:

1) Windows/Windows built-in firewall

2) router ~ port forwarding not enabled

3) your ISP hates you

Beyond that, you could try uninstall/reinstall of Zandronum and see if

that fixes. Else, the Zandronum Discord I already mentioned.


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1. I already had the settings fixed in Windows Firewall

2. Not sure about that

3. Not sure about that either

I tried reinstalling Zandronum, but it didn't work either, so I guess I have to wait for the next update

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