4 world records, one of them already former, were established recently (February-March 2023) in the add-on The Ancient Gods - Part One.   First, on the 2023.02.20 an Ugandan player Gycnob established a new world record in the category 100% (All Combat Encounters) / Restricted / Ultra-Nightmare in 33:04.93 LRT.   Run:     Leaderboard: https://www.speedrun.com/de_tag1?h=100_All_Combat_Encounters-Restricted-Ultra-Nightmare&x=n2yvp372-yn2w56jn.p12jv84q-9l7r7g7n.gq7356dl   Next, on the 2023.02.28 an Israeli player Quarth established another new world record in the category Any%/Restricted/Classic in 16:46.35 LRT and 19:14 RTA. The record is already former now.   Run:     or: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1750945112   Leaderboard: https://www.speedrun.com/de_tag1?h=Any-Restricted-Classic&x=mke4gx92-jlzgw65n.4lx25j41-38dz311n.5lezd9kl   Then, on the 2023.03.06, a Canadian player DrakePHOSE established one more world record in the category 100% (All Combat Encounters) / Restricted / Classic in 35:37.56 LRT and 35:50.52 RTA. This is the very first run in this combination of categories.   Run:     Leaderboard: https://www.speedrun.com/de_tag1?h=100_All_Combat_Encounters-Restricted-Classic&x=n2yvp372-yn2w56jn.p12jv84q-9l7r7g7n.81pkyg8l   Finally, only 12 days after Quarth's now former record, on the 2023.03.12, Gycnob broke it making it 16:21.39 LRT.   Run:     Leaderboard: https://www.speedrun.com/de_tag1?h=Any-Restricted-Classic&x=mke4gx92-jlzgw65n.4lx25j41-38dz311n.5lezd9kl