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[REQUESTS CLOSED] Volumus - An experimental horror map that's never exactly the same

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like the concept, reminds me of the "every copy of SM64 is personalized" thing (which i have no doubt this concept is at least inspired off of). ill have a bite, and then ill have a hike.

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Alright, I think 11 copies is enough work for one day. I'll do more tomorrow.


At this rate, I'll have sent out a megawad's worth of these by Tuesday.

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I don't like horror and I won't play this, but I'm tempted to ask for a copy to just sit on and never let anyone open. I feel like it would be in the spirit of this experiment.


...but I don't want to add to your workload just to be silly, so I'll leave it up to you.

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Do I want it?



Reasons for giving this wad to me:

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i want it! There's actually one aspect of DOOM that's scared me since I started playing. Will dm you about it so as not to spoil the surprise.

Edited by Pure Hellspawn

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"Volumus" means "we wish" in Latin. Was the naming intentional?


Either way, may I have a copy to confirm for myself?

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8 hours ago, MFG38 said:



Volumus is a Boom-compatible horror speedmap with a simple objective: find the three skull keys and the exit. And try not to get killed by the Archvile that's on your tail. The catch, though, is that everyone interested in playing the map is going to get a different version of it. No two copies of the .wad file are going to be the exact same.


So here's how this is going to work: make a post in this thread stating your interest in playing the map. I will then make a new copy of the .wad file and make some edits to the map. The specifics of those edits are a mystery even to me - almost everything is subject to change. Maybe the teleport targets get shuffled around, maybe the keys are in different places, maybe there's an entire new area. You'll receive your personalized copy of the map by PM here on Doomworld within 24-48 hours. The first person to express their interest will get the original, "un-numbered" version of the map, but every copy I send out afterwards will be numbered and edited based off of that initial version.


With your personalized copy of Volumus, you're free to do whatever you wish. Want to record a video playthrough or a demo? Go right ahead. Want to make your own edits? I won't stop you. The only thing I ask is that you do not redistribute the .wad in any way, and that includes sharing different versions of it between participants. As much as I understand that people might be curious as to what kinds of changes I made to other people's copies, I would prefer if that mystery was retained even after the file effectively leaves my hands.


However, depending on how far this goes, I may or may not release a compilation of all the different copies when it starts to seem like the hype dies down. If that does happen, the "no redistribution" clause will obviously be effectively void as the differences between the versions will be public knowledge at that point.


So anyway... Who wants to bite?

gimmers the horror speedmap!

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