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Posted (edited)

hey guys. i made a small mod using Whacked That:

- Speeds up some weapons by a tick or two

-makes projectiles go faster

-raises speed/aggressiveness of lost souls while cutting the health down

- adds two pistols at start

-adds the smooth chaingun frames

-raises ammo carry capacity

- and more!


so i was playing vanilla doom the other night, and thought "i wish this shotgun fired just a hair faster" so i fixed it! realizing it removed the challenge, i upgraded the zombieman, demon, lost soul, and even the projectiles of the demons to make it more balanced.  i found myself reasonably happy with it and thought you guys might too. bear in mind this is my first time with whacked, and there are some funny bugs im not sure how to fix, but ive done my best to make everything work and i will update this more in the future. criticism welcome. (ALSO! this is made for domo 1, and should run with any mod.  you can run it with doom 2 if you like but i havent updated the armory/bestiary)

Better weapons.zip




Edited by Hitscanning_scumbag : video link/ missing info

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I think at least a video of the gameplay changes mentioned would be nice

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