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Naked Snake

The Hanger (part two of Trip to mars)

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Ryan Storms steps off the ramp of the ship and holds forth his Colt .45 and walks down onto the Phobos surface,with its rough surface like that of Earth but uninviting.You walk up to the door and it whines open.You walk into the passage.There is a whirring then air is pumped in.Then you can enter the hanger.You walk in and hear nothing.Absolutly nothing.That is a chilling thought.Nothing.Not even a moan,a groan or a scream.All of 'em dead like that.Whatever you were going up against must kick grand scale ass to beat the Light Drop Infantry (a real Marine Corp troop.The best of the best basically).You walk around looking for something,anything,better than a pistol and brass knuckles.Your drill sargeant once said "IF THERE IS NO SOLUTION IN SIGHT WHAT DO YOU DO?MOVE YOUR GODDAMN SIGHT!".And those words still rung true today.You moved your sight to another room.On a pedistal was some combat armor.You creep up the stairs and see a marine laying there.
"Oh...Ryan?" the marine groans.
"Steven?Oh no" Ryan replys near tears.Steven his childhood friend,the one he told about when he kissed Trisha Livingston in the third grade,the one he told when he found dirty magazines under his dads bed,the one he got drunk with the day they got fake I.D.'s.This wasnt happening.
"Ryan,take my shotgun.It will help ya." he gasped near death.
"Steven no.Let me look for a medkit or some-"
"NO!Jus' take my gun and get the hell outta here" Steven yelled.He handed Ryan the shotgun and he accepted it with a heavy heart.
"See ya on the other side bro" Steven said.He coughed up some blood and a minute later he died.Ryan sat there with Steven's corpse and cried.He was gone.His sadness soon turned to rage as he began to see in red.He was not going to cry for Steven.He was going to massacre for him.Mass genocide on these XT's fuckers.He cocked the shotgun and straped up the armor and procced to the hallway.

Nothing interesting in the hallway but a door.He clicked the small button and it rose.On the other side was Mark.
"Mark!" Ryan yelled to him "What the hell is going on?".He did not get a response.Mark rose his revolver and blasted.It missed by a mile.Strange Ryan thinks.Mark was the best shooter in the Light Drop.He wouldnt have missed so close.Mark growled an inhuman growl as he aimed his pistol again.Ryan aimed and shot out his arms then his knees.He walked up to Mark.
"Mark come on!" he screamed at him.Mark responed by snapping his jaws in hunger.Ryan pondered this.Why is he trying to eat me?Then Ryan noticed his eyes.Bright red.His minded snapped back and realized it in a second.He was possessed or something by these XTs.Ryan pulled out his Colt and put one right throught Mark's face,blowing his brains out the back of his crainium.He grabbbed Mark's ammo belt and took some shells and some clips.The clips were worthless right now because they were 9mm clips.Shit.He kept them anyway.He crept down the hallway and saw another marine.This one he did not know.He was holding an M-16a4 (I dont think they exist.This is the future though) Carbine and aimed.Bullets tore through the masonry and and chipped the walls.Ryan hopped around the corner.

This was pissing him off.When the gun ran out Ryan jumped around the corner with the shotgun and shot.The buckshot tore the zombie man in half and he fell forwards and backwards at the sametime.He spilled his guts on the floor.Something in the other room was not to happy about the gun fight.Ryan peeked and saw an XT with spikes protruding from its body.His visor scaler showed it standing at 6 feet 9 inches in height.The scan estimated the weight at 162 pounds and 11 ounces.He hated how the scans went to the ounce.Why?He aimed the shotgun and shot.Too far.The monster was too far.Then Ryan remebered the M-16a4.He found ammo on the corpses belt and he loaded the gun.He aimmed and fired.The bullets found their mark into the creatures stomach.It tore its body up and spilled blood on the platform.Ryan sighed.He then check the gun.Two clips for the M-16 and each clip held 500 rounds (the future goddamnit!).That was the plus.The minus was that the gun could rip through a 500 round clip in about 6 seconds.He also found out that there was two grenades in the gun.The zig-zag room held nothing.The door at the end was damaged.He stood back and launched a grenade at it.It exploded on contact and sent the door flying inward.He heard another XT in there growling.He walked in and saw the XT trapped under the door and a dead marine clutching a Ka-Bar combat knife.He took the knife and stabbed the monsters head splashing his visor and armor with blood and brains.He wished he could spit upon the body but opening the visor would rip his skin off.He walked into the next room and flipped the switch of the elevator.What was waiting for him lower?Salvation...or his DOOM...

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