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An EDGE related Question

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Is there a way to make completely new cheat codes? For example, I want to make a cheat so that you get some certain weapons (ex. type in IDMAFIA and get Akimbo Uzis, Thompson SMG, and .50AE Desert Eagle) I think I've seen it done before. (ex. EBDOOM)

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Erm...hmm...I don't know how that is done...lemme go check out my DDF files...

Well, it's language.ldf that the cheats are in, I have no clue how to add new ones however.

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Er, I know you can't make cheat codes be extremely specfic in giving you weapons, but I do know the IDGIVE# codes will give you all weapons in a certain number slot. Although I believe EDGE will add weapons to the slot one number before the number you enter[IDGIVE4 will give you all Slot 3 weapons, instead of slot 4 :\]

Sorry, but as far as I know you can't make totally NEW cheat codes yet[plus they took out IDLAZARUS[revives yourself if killed] for 1.27. I used to remember using that sometimes]].

BTW, you can change most Cheat Codes[as in you can change what you have to enter for a certain thing, so you don't always have to enter ID-so-and-so. Just look at my DDFs with EBDoom for an example[language.ddf, of course].

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