i welcome you all to try my first published doom map - Apogee! i spent a good amount of time trying to make it just perfect for yall,so i hope you enjoy!   Q&A: why apogee? nor reason, just watching them on twitter a lot lately.   how long did it take to make? roughly 3-4 days in all.   custom textures, monsters...sounds? nope. all doom 2 assets.   inspiration? i made the start as a way to test my doom skills but had trouble scaling it up proper, so i jsut made it as best as i could   these questions seem stupid.... yeah probably, but it feels important to know...   screenshots? https://photobucket.com/u/shutupkaren/a/aad6c4a5-34aa-441e-b7ea-849f5fbf1429   open to feedback/ critisism? im open to it! in fact its encouraged!   apogee.wad.7z