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7 hours ago, ReX said:

Chunga's Revenge


A live version that actually rivals the studio version.


Very cool. I like it.


7 hours ago, ReX said:

@Doom_Dude: Holy Cow! That is a fantastic rendition of Paganini's Caprice #24!


That is correct. :D


7 hours ago, ReX said:

@Doom_Dude: I'll see your Caprice #24 and raise you one La Campanella.


[An alternative version for piano by Liszt.]




7 hours ago, ReX said:

Camille Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre


No matter one's station in life, the Danse Macabre unites all.




6 hours ago, ReX said:

Rondo Alla Turca- Mozart


One of my all-time favorite pieces of music. Such sweet simplicity, it makes me want to weep.


Fuckin' genius, that Amadeus guy.


Awesome stuff. .......and stop cutting goddamned onions, I'm trying to edit some Doom before cooking breakfast.



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Been listening to a lot of Null Positiv lately.  This song is what recently inspired me to make a WAD set in an industrial rubbish dump, in fact.


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If you like voodoobilly. Deadbolt just has a weird, unique sound and a sense of humor that I've never seen elsewhere.

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I've been on an instrumental music kick lately, preferably calmer stuff. I've been going through a decent amount of video game compilations like this one. I only know like 1 song on it, but it's very chill. I was actually listening to this as I played through DBP32, lol




As for non-videogame instrumentals, I don't remember how I found them, but I ended up one Bandcamp Friday on the page for Slowcraft Records. They had a series of releases they were calling Lifelines, which were these awesome ambient / neo-classical releases. This is a track from my favorite one of them, Bygones by Mathieu Karsenti.



As for normal music, I'm really excited for the new Manchester Orchestra album, so I've been playing their new single a lot. 

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@Slipgate Tourist: Fratres for Wind Octet & Percussion by Arvo Pärt was the perfect music to listen to while browsing the forums. Thanks.


@StupidBunny: Weird (in a strangely good way) and hypnotic music. Thank you, too.

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