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The cure, Disintegration, Plainsong.

Gothic rock.


The cure, Peel sessions, A hundred years.


A lot of Peel sessions.

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Ricet Barrier - Le cul de la patronne (Spécial Fanfare)




Pop, Folk, World and Country





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MIDI from "The Waterfront", 1995 level by Scott Crank.
By the way, just when I wondered whose MIDI was playing on the level, I immediately found Scott himself in the comments explaining that the music was not his, but taken from somewhere on the internet...
Still, curious what the original is called...?
A mystery covered in darkness...

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Not listening to, but listened to a couple days ago, hope they release a live album from it. Hawkwind at the Royal Albert Hall. A 54 year old band fronted by an 82 year old pensioner :) They did many of the classics and were ably supported by Arthur 'The God of Hellfire' Brown, who read two of their most loved poems on stage - 'Space' and '10 Seconds of Forever'.

Hawkwind on stage

Dave Brock - Captain of Spaceship Hawkwind

Guest Star Arthur Brown - The God of Hellfire

Arthur's band - the support act

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Track list:


0:05 Junko Yagami - Johannesburg

5:15 Marlene - Zanzibar Night

8:35 Akira Terao - 喜望峰 (Kiboho)

12:28 Marlene - Hittin' Me Where It Hurts

17:25 Yosui Inoue - あなたを理解 (Anata wo Rikai) [Understanding You]

21:40 Miki Hirayama - 電子レンジ (Denshi Lenzi)

25:25 Izumi Kobayashi - Lazy Love

29:40 Tomoko Kuwae - カヌーボーイ (Canoe Boy)

34:49 Lily - 天気になあれ

37:55 Miki Hirayama - 月影の渚 (Tsukikage No Nagisa)

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