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Guest of Honor - three map set

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Played the first map! Pretty fun! Nice use of vanilla Doomcute, but what the heck's this in the chainsaw building? Otherwise, I cant complain. Just enough spice to keep things interesting but without annoying difficulty!





And video



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I completed GuestOfHonor.wad Guest of Honor with LZDoom using the Brutal Doom Community Expansion DOOM mod brutalv21.13.3 on Ultra-Violence, superior DOOM2 maps, 85/100. Large scale, action packed, and challenging DOOM2 maps with several areas to explore in each map. You earn extra points for requiring 3 keys to complete each level, and I had a tough time reaching for the keys. These maps are similar to maps that I build myself, a map that resembles a town, and you will have to explore each location in the map to progress in the map. The main differences between my maps, and your maps would be the level of grinding involved. My maps are more open in design, which provides the player more strategic approaches to enemy encounters. The enemy encounters in your maps are usually a room full of enemies, and there is usually only 1 way inside the room.


I am writing 2 paragraphs, because the maps were gigantic in scale. My recommendations, the maps are large in scale, but the exploration path is actually linear. Remove walls in parts of the map, and have rooms connected from different directions. You started using the idea as the maps progress, but providing the player more room to move around will reduce the difficulty of grinding enemies. I avoid building interconnected rooms, because I am building the maps for the original DOOM2.EXE program. Building complex DOOM map will not only require a more powerful computer, the map will not be compatible with the original DOOM2.EXE program unless verifiable. Provide the player with more powerful weapons to provide the player the resources they will need to hold back the more powerful enemies.


I will have to save this part for last, the storyline makes no sense at all. Doomguy had to fight his way into the hotel, then sleep in the hotel? You will have to lose some points.


Overall excellent DOOM2 maps.

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Thank you all for your wonderful reviews! I've dropped a new version which has some new changes. In particular I added some new passageways in all three maps to make sure there's less backtracking you need to do to get to specific areas, or in MAP01's case I provided another entrance into the yellow key building. Hopefully this should make the fights more dynamic and everything should feel a little less railroaded. Again, thank you very much for all the kind words!

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Solid work, the maps are visually striking despite using only stock textures. I couldn't get 100% kills in MAP01, because the monster closets are poorly designed. One lost soul from sector 580 always hugged the wall and never teleported out. Also, there is surprisingly little health in MAP02, unless the player finds the megasphere.

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