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Dootle Twootle: The silly sequel to Dootle

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Posted (edited)

                                                                --== Dootle Twootle: The silly sequel to Dootle! ==--

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the silly sequel to my DooM1 WAD file, Dootle! This time, it comes with some new textures, sounds and most of all: New enemies! (not really... it's just some fancy sprite swapping and a few stat changes). This megawad was made mostly out of boredom and wanting to do something in-between mapping for various community projects/speedmappings.


So, what does this WAD file contain? Well...



Uh-oh! A crash landing! D:



Hey! Who turned out the lights?



Brrr.... I need an extra coat... :S



Tech-y. :o



A... desert?



Now I need some ice cream... X_X



Where the noodles am I? O_o



In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth, and the Earth was without form; and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters; and God said: "Let there be light!"; and there was light; and God saw the light; Day was good.


--==Info Stuff==--

ENGINE: Vanilla/Chocolate DooM
MAPS: 32 (30 regular, 2 secret ones)
DIFFICULTY: Generally easy though difficulty DOES change enemies/Item placements
LENGTH: Most maps can be beaten within 5 minutes or less
[1] VISPLANE OVERFLOWS! A good chunk of maps contain this bug! Be EXREMELY careful when no-clipping outside of the map boundaries!
[2] DRAWSEG OVERFLOWS! Just like the last known bug, several maps also contain DSO errors outside of what you're meant to play in. (ESPECIALLY MAP 29!)
[3] For some reason a few sectors have tiny, thin lines pop-up. It's super inconsistent where and when they appear so I'm guessing its more of a bug with vanilla... :l






Version 1.0:
    Innitial Release

Version 1.1:
    + Added HUD face graphics
    + Updated the MIDI's to use the traditional DooM 2 name system, mainly so that some sourceports can load the music without errors
    + Added a new title screen
    + Added a new M_DOOM graphic
    + Fixed the title, intermission and victory themes so they acutally play
    + Fixed the intermission messages so that they correctly display in chocolate DooM; also fixed typo's

    + Fixed soft-lock on MAP30


For those who want to experience the completely un-related DooM 1 WAD:


Edited by DynamiteKaitorn : Version 1.1

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Posted (edited)

Played the first couple of maps on DSDA Doom and noticed a few odd things that caught my attention:


- stock music plays because custom midi files not being named on their respective names for each map (D_TRK1 should be D_RUNNIN for example)

- you should put the DEHACKED file the your wad internally since most modern source ports loads internal DEHACKED files by default


Besides all of that, this is a neat vanilla megawad so far :)

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First, yes, Dehacked can re-name music tracks. Check this thread.



Second, you released a wad called 'Dootle'? Couldn't find it on Doomworld or id archive.

You should probably add a link to it in the OP.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for the link to the original. Somehow I completely missed it the first time.


FYI: I did a Doomworld search for the word 'dootle' and only found the dootle 2 thread. In the original thread, the word 'dootle' is only in the Mediafire link. It seems the search engine doesn't check for text in links. Not sure if that's a flaw in the Doomworld search engine or Microsoft Edge.

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