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IronEagle Competition 55: MAYhem 2019

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Welcome to another month of the IronEagle competition (and the announcement is actually at the beginning of the month this time), the ironman challenge that welcomes everyone. Yes, whether you're a starry-eyed new player who is afraid to fight lost souls with rockets or a the grizzled veteran who has decided that fighting lost souls with rockets is "peak Doom," the IronEagle is for you. As long as you enjoy Doom, feel free to join in. Come on in, the water's fine!


This month, Obsidian may be looking to the future, but we'll be casting our eyes to the past. Participants will challenge themselves against MAYhem 2019: Blood for the Doom God. MAYhem 2019 is a MBF-compatible 20-map set for Doom 2, created by an assortment of 18 different mappers in a community project led by @Obsidian during the months of May and June in 2019. This mapset utilizes textures from Blood and The Undying, as well as numerous custom monsters and weapons, to capture the horror vibe of Blood.


If you're interested in learning about the changes made to the monsters and weapons, you may read about them on the MAYhem 2019 wiki page.


Participants must play these maps on complevel 11 or MBF(strict).


Download MAYhem 2019 here.


MAYhem 2019 starts at Map 01. Survival is finishing Map 17. There are two optional secret maps, with Map 31 accessible from Map 15 (as usual) followed by Map 32. Map 18 is a credits map with no exit.




Congratulations to this month's winners (further details are in the post below).


UV: @joe-ilya (Runner-up: @Asbadagba)

HMP: @LadyMistDragon (Runner-up: @Crusader No Regret)

HNTR: @Horus (Runner-up: Pegleg)




  • Template for PRBoom+:
    • -iwad doom2.wad -file MAYhem19.wad -complevel 11 -skill <x> -warp 01 -record <IEmayhem19>


  • Template for ZDoom:
    • -iwad doom2.wad -file MAYhem19.wad +compatmode 5 -skill <x> +map map01 -record <IEmayhem19>
      • it is possible you may have to use +set skill <x> for GZDoom


  • <x> must be replaced by the skill level. 2 = HNTR, 3 = HMP, 4 = UV
  • <IEcityofdoom> would be replaced with whatever you decide to call your demo, if you're submitting a demo




The rules are basically the same as they have been. Either demos or streams are permissible. If you are creating a demo, post the demo. If you are streaming, post a video of the stream. Even if streaming, you can still submit a demo, if you want to.

The basic rule is that you submit a demo/stream played at a particular difficulty level (HNTR, HMP, or UV) and you play without saving and reloading, ending your run when you die (or survive).


The following are allowed (but not required):

  • Freelook
  • Crosshair
  • Mods that are COSMETIC ONLY


The following are NOT allowed:

  • Crouching
  • Jumping
  • Mods that change ANY aspect of base gameplay, including (but not limited to) enemy behavior, enemy speed, player abilities, player speed, weapon damage, ammo, and enemy drops.


Further, more specific, rules are listed below:



  • Submissions (except for streams, as described below) must include a demo.
    • You may practice a mapset if you want, but these practice runs should not be submitted as your official entry, and your run would be Category 2, unless there are exceptional circumstances (such as described below).
  • A run must be done in a singular sitting with no saves. (With room for breaks. This will be addressed below.)
  • Streams and video runs are accepted provided you post a video of the stream/run or a link to the video.
    • If you post a video of the stream, you may post a demo if you want, but it is not mandatory. You may also post a demo if you, for some reason, do not want to post the video or a link.
  • Secret levels, if present, do not have to be completed for a survival run. If they are completed, they are extra credit.


Any port is accepted provided it will actually run the mapset. There is no preference.


Of course, if you want to try a limit-removing/Boom map in Chocolate Doom, be my guest. However, be aware that your run may be over rather quickly. Don't say you weren't warned.


Category System:

  • Category 1: Blind run
    • This explains itself. You have no knowledge of the wad and have not played/seen it before. I'm willing to be somewhat lenient with this Category.
      • For example, if you die early in Map 01, and then decide to play again for your run, you can still call it Category 1.
  • Category 2: Non-blind.
    • If you have played the wad before and/or possess significant foreknowledge, your run is non-blind. Basically, anything that is not Category 1 is Category 2.


If you're unhappy with your blind run, feel free to record a new run, and submit that run instead. (Just don't submit your first run.) If you want to submit your first run, no matter how you perform, by all means, go ahead and do it. You shouldn't feel that you HAVE to submit a run you're dissatisfied with, just to preserve a "Category 1" status. If you want to go back and submit a second run, you're welcome to do so, but, at this time, it won't be counted.



Difficulty System:

You may submit a demo/stream for only one of HNTR, HMP, or UV. Choose only one, because subsequent submissions will be rejected (i.e., if you submit a HMP demo, the HNTR demo you then submit will be rejected). We're not using the 1CC rule set here. Your first submission is what counts.


Only runs from the same difficulty will be pitted against each other. Each difficulty will be graded separately.




When you submit your run, please the include the following information:

  • The category (1 or 2)
  • The difficulty
  • If you survived, your time
  • If you didn't survive, the map where you died
  • Time of death
  • Kill count upon death
  • Time upon entering your map of death (if you made it past the first map)
  • The port you used (if you included a demo)
  • A link to the stream/video (if you did a stream)


You may include a commentary about the maps or details about them, if you want to. If you do include specific information about the map (e.g. "The demon trap in Map 08 is rough"), please put it in a spoiler, so that people that want a completely blind experience won't be tipped off. If you're just putting in a general comment (e.g., "Pro tip: don't get hit"), then no need for a spoiler.


Attempting to max the maps is not necessary to win.

Ranking for this mapset will be determined by:

  • Survival
  • Time for survival
  • Map of death (in descending order: Map 17, Map 16, Map 32, Map 31, Map 15, Map 14, Map 13, Map 12, Map 11, Map 10, Map 09, Map 08, Map 07, Map 06, Map 05, Map 04, Map 03, Map 02, Map 01)
  • Time it took to reach the map of death
  • Kill count in the map of death


If you die, please wait a few seconds before quitting.




Everyone gets tired. Sometimes people survive longer than they expected. Nature calls. Every now and then, there are family emergencies. Needing to take a break shouldn't necessarily end a promising run. While you should try to complete the run in a single setting, this isn't always possible. If you have to take a break, try to make it quick.



Happy Dooming!




Previous IronEagle Competitions




  • 1 (Oct.): Scientist 2 (Winners -- UV: leodoom85   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Liberation)
  • 2 (Nov.): Vanguard (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Liberation)
  • 3 (Dec.): Crumpets (Winners -- UV: NoisyVelvet   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Pegleg)




  • 4 (Feb.): Dark Covenant (Winners -- UV: kmc   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Pegleg)
  • 5 (Mar.): Brood of Hatred (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz   HMP: Crusader No Regret   HNTR: Pegleg)
  • 6 (Apr.): Riot Control (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz   HMP: Walter Confetti   HNTR: Pegleg)
  • 7 (May): Scimitar (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz   HMP: Crusader No Regret   HNTR: Pegleg)
  • 8 (Jun.): Bauhaus (Winners -- UV: vdgg   HMP: Crusader No Regret   HNTR: Pegleg)
  • 9 (Jul.): Bloody Steel (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Pegleg)
  • 10 (Aug.): The Brotherhood of Ruin (Winners -- UV: leodoom85   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Pegleg)
  • 11 (Sept.): Flashback to Hell (Winners -- UV: kmc/Bdubzzz   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Pegleg)
  • 12 (Oct.): A Taste for Blood (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz   HMP: n/a   HNTR: Pegleg)
  • 13 (Nov.): Back to Basics (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz   HMP: Horus   HNTR: Pegleg)
  • 14 (Dec.): Whitemare (Winners -- UV: Bdubzzz & NaZa   HMP: Crusader No Regret   HNTR: Pegleg)










  • 39 (Jan.): The Talosian Incident (Winners -- UV: mhrz   HMP: PsychEyeball   HNTR: Major Arlene)
  • 40 (Feb.): Apokalypsis (Winners -- UV: Maribo   HMP: Goofy_1966   HNTR: Andromeda)
  • 41 (Mar.): Breach and Brigandine (Winners -- UV: SCF   HMP: head_cannon   HNTR: Major Arlene)
  • 42 (Apr.): Nex Credo (Winners -- UV: mhrz   HMP: Crusader No Regret   HNTR: Andromeda)
  • 43 (May): Ezekiel (Winners -- UV: dt_   HMP: LadyMistDragon   HNTR: Pegleg)
  • 44 (Jun.): Elegy (Winners -- UV: mhrz   HMP:  SCF  HNTR: Andromeda)
  • 45 (Jul.): Respawned: Back from Hell (Winners -- UV: dt_   HMP:  LadyMistDragon  HNTR: Andromeda)
  • 46 (Aug.): Viscous Realms (Winners -- UV: dt_   HMP:  LadyMistDragon  HNTR: Andromeda)
  • 47 (Sept.): PhobosDeimos Anomaly (Winners -- UV: Luleta   HMP:  Zhaojue  HNTR: Pegleg)
  • 48 (Oct.): Eternally Yours (Winners -- UV: NaZa   HMP:  head_cannon  HNTR: Andromeda)
  • 49 (Nov.): Foursite (Winners -- UV: Asbadagba   HMP:  xX_Lol6_Xx  HNTR: Andromeda)
  • 50 (Dec.): Doom 2 (Winners -- UV: 4shockblast   HMP:  xX_Lol6_Xx  HNTR: NoisyVelvet)




  • 51 (Jan.): Monument (Winners -- UV: ginc   HMP: head_cannon   HNTR: Andromeda)
  • 52 (Feb.): Into the Code (Winners -- UV: Asbadagba   HMP: xX_Lol 6_Xx   HNTR: Pegleg)
  • 53 (Mar.): City of Doom (Winners -- UV: Asbadagba   HMP: head_cannon   HNTR: Andromeda)
  • 54 (Apr.): Prototype (Winners -- UV: SCF   HMP: head_cannon   HNTR: Andromeda)
Edited by Pegleg : Added monthly winners and runners up.

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I have a question about the IronEagle rules. It says "If you're unhappy with your blind run, feel free to record a new run", but it's not completely clear to me if that strictly means you get one extra chance, or if you can try as many runs as you want (as long as you only submit one)? I always assumed it was the latter, but last month was the first time I actually put in some practice, and in retrospect I'm not sure if I understood the rules correctly or not.


Anyway my blind run of this set was a dismal failure, so I'll take a break first...



Was casually picking up some armor bonuses when I turned the corner into a blue orb that exploded in my face.


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On 5/2/2023 at 3:50 PM, SCF said:

I have a question about the IronEagle rules. It says "If you're unhappy with your blind run, feel free to record a new run", but it's not completely clear to me if that strictly means you get one extra chance, or if you can try as many runs as you want (as long as you only submit one)? I always assumed it was the latter, but last month was the first time I actually put in some practice, and in retrospect I'm not sure if I understood the rules correctly or not.


I have no problem with you putting in some practice if you want. There is no upper limit to how many attempts you can make before submitting your Category 2 run.

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Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of this wad and all the custom enemies, so here's my first attempt, which at least has an amusingly sudden death.

Category: 1

Difficulty: UV
Died on: Map 01

Kills: 17/66



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Category: 1 

Difficulty: HMP

Dead on Map 04 at 15:21

Kills: less than half


I didn't realize this was gonna be the month of Dehacked MAYhem....ahahahahahaha! Because I could've certainly settled for HNTR if I realized what damage i'd suffer.




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Category 2, died on MAP07 because who the fuck does something like this in the entire set like this? Why the fuck is it introduced like this? What the actual fuck?


The worst part is that the set was FINALLY starting to open up on MAP06, thoroughly enjoyable map, that was. And then they do THIS. I have no words.

I had foreknowledge of the first two maps and the final map of the set because both in spring last year and in January this year I've given it a whirl to reassess whether I want it in the DWIL. I don't think I do.



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I was already considering switching to HNTR for Ironeagle and I think you may have convinced me :P 


That said I do remember this mapset when I played it in the DWMC, with it's ups and downs. I doubt many runs will get that far, but the last map is a masterpiece and people should play it :P

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Cat: 2

Difficulty: HNTR

Dead: Map 03

Monsters killed: 0/40



I had no idea what I was thinking. This has got to be my dumbest iron-anything death ever. It's entirely my fault lol



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Ok, having calmed down a bit... it's not necessarily utter bullshit. While the difficulty is frontloaded, when you get to know most of the abundant monsters (which happens around MAP05-06), it seems to become better-paced and more manageable, though that might just be the adaptation. 



Playing it outside of Ironman, I see how MAP07 can be a learning possibility. You learn what tesla coils are. Cool stuff. The backdrop and the setting in MAP07 make sense - it's a lab of some sorts next to a graveyard. You die to it, no problem, you get to go again, and now you learned a lesson for the remaining 10 or so maps. But in Ironman, you only get one life, so to have it taken away in such a way is quite cruel, hence my reaction. Especially as I was in contention for the lead had I survived that map. Oh well, I can't lie, making it to MAP07 is turning out to be an accomplishment either way, so I'm not all that dissatisfied.


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@joe-ilya submitted his run to the Ironman Discord, and I'm recording it here to make sure it isn't forgotten.


Category: 2

Difficulty: UV

Dead on: Map 12

Time of death: 2:04:25

Kills: 42/140

Time entering Map 12: 2:01:44

Port: DSDA-Doom



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Category: 1

Difficulty: UV

Dead on: Map 01

Kills: 13/66

Time of death: 1:24

Time entered Map 01: 0:00

Port: DSDA-Doom 0.25.0




Cause of death:

I was just minding my own business and then an innocent blue ball flew at my face...

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Blind attempt on HMP.  Clawed my way back from 2 health only to still croak on the first map.  Around 40 kills, I glanced over but didn't take note of the exact death count being discouraged.  I tend to like custom content but not so much in the kind of context.


Being so close to the end of the month, don't really care enough to try for a better result.


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Category: 1

Difficulty: HNTR

Dead on MAP01 with 35 kills.


I thought that the blue orb was a projectile, not a monster, so I paused to figure out what had fired it. I suddenly exploded and had absolutely no clue why that had happened. XD


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Category: 1

Difficulty: UV

Dead on MAP02 with 87/90 kills (which should tell you exactly what I died to lol)



Died to a triple Archvile "ambush" (ie. was not ready for the door to open when I walked over a linedef). Tried to run to cover, got caught up on a lamp post.




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A hearty thank you for everyone who braved Mayhem 2019! See you back for next month's challenge. Next time, bring some new friends (or old friends who haven't been around in awhile) along for the ride.


Without further ado, here are the standings for this month.



  1. joe-ilya (Map 12)
  2. Asbadagba (Map 07)
  3. NaZa (Map 07)
  4. dt_ (Map 03)
  5. ginc (Map 02)
  6. Suitepee (Map 02)
  7. SCF (Map 01)
  8. NoisyVelvet (Map 01)



  1. LadyMistDragon (Map 04)
  2. Crusader No Regret (Map 01)



  1. Horus (Map 03)
  2. Pegleg (Map 02)
  3. head_cannon (Map 01)
  4. Andromeda (Map 01)

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