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Doom haiku (Senryu) poems

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A few Doom haikus:

The Armory

Shells, cells and big guns,
You are my tools and my friends
Help me save mankind
The Cyberdemon

Marriage of flesh, wire
Bear your rocket launcher well
As I run in fear

A vast sea of steel
I heft you and grin widely
As I charge my shot

Well, that's it for now. Maybe I'll try to make some actual poems with stanzas and rhyme schemes. :D

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Here's some more -- w00t:

The Cheap Bastard

Hidden from my sight
Your gat riddles me with holes
Die, chaingunner, die
The Eternal Fear

Glock against hell fire?
I know and fear you, baron
I have wet my pants
Painful Awareness

Why am I earthbound?
I force myself to spring up
Sadly, I can't jump
(unless using a port)

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like sun rays of spring
the BFG shines straight through
tearing demon-flesh

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Vulg@r said:


These are senryu. They aren't haiku.

17 syllables don't make a piece of text a haiku.

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DarkWolf said:

Doesn't it have to deal with nature to technically be a haiku? Please, enlighten our ignorance...

Yes. It can deal with humans, with certain restrictions. It can be humorous. But I don't think there can be haiku about doom.

Haiku, btw, are split into two images and don't contain explicit emotions.

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Heh...what about Tanka? (I think I spelled that right). They're supposed to be like responses to Haiku or something, but I forget the details.

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