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Doom 3 in 2023

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Evening all. Having finished both Evil Within games, I'm looking for a horror shooter that's got the shocks and gore of EW1, with the fun factor and firepower of EW2.


Back in the day I was so disappointed with Doom 3. I mean it was good, no question, but I was shocked that after firing Tom Hall, they went ahead and made his game anyway (anyone know his opinions about this?). I remember turgid mazes of identical-looking labs and a boring monorail section, but I also remember some fierce battles, a scary walk through the dark where your only light comes from a friendly robot, the monsters are all scary and of course Hell was magnificent when we finally, fiiiiinally got there (after ten years).


Is it worth blasting through it again after all these years, and what are the best mods if any?

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IMO yes.

HD Textures for the original, Looks pretty good with IT.


Some will suggest to fix the Shotgun, but don't.

It forces you to overcome your Fear and go towards your Enemy, instead of backing up

But it rewards you with a one Hit in your Enemy.


The BFG Version brightens much up of the whole Game, takes out the glooming Eyes of Enemies and also some visual Effects.

You have also very much Ammonition.

But it is good for a pure boom boom Walkthrough.

But the Break while saving is molesting.


Take here and there a Look onto the Machines, it can help through Mars Base as they're pretty neat done.


Sometimes a Playthrough without Expections can help to like a Game, you have not before, but not always.


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Thanks, I'll download the original version (been told BFG edition is not as good for various reasons) and the HD textures mod.


I remember when Doom 3 was astonishingly good-looking, possibly the best-looking game ever, and nobody's PC  could run it. Can't wait to see how it's held up :)

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Doom 3 is definitely one of the most atmospheric Doom games, so I fully recommend dive into it one more time! For some experience with new lighting and sound effects, as well as rebalancing, you might want to try it with the Golden Edition by @DASI-I.



I don't know too many cool custom maps, but personally, I think Lost Facility is a good one.



There is also a thread with Doom 3 custom mods and maps recommendations:




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Posted (edited)

Maybe i'm a bit too late to this topic but i would say few facts about doom 3 mods.


For first i recommend to play Doom 3 Fragging Free Mod. This mod offers a whole new campaign but you can also play doom 3 and ROE in fragging free mod with it's  features. This mod make doom 3 act like a classic doom game and some levels of it's new campaign has even some earth levels (at least i guess) so at least my dream of cool sequal of doom 3 talking action on earth is partly filled.


user named bladeghost also made some great TCs like Blade Yaujta mod where you play as well known predator from predator movies and Prometures mod which is based on movie of that same name.


There is also muitplayer mods like 5.56m Full Metal Jacket. I dobut you will find players to play this mod but maybe you can play with bots (i haven't tried that mod yet).


Finally you can find some custom maps on net. Sure there aren't many custom maps for doom 3 as for doom 1 or 2 but you can still find some cool custom maps. 😉



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I'm perhaps biased when it comes to Doom 3, but I find it to have held up extremely well, moreso than some of the other games from the same era, like Crysis. I personally like to keep things relatively vanilla, only using a source port (which is dhewm3 for me) and texture upscaling mods (though the game doesn't look too shabby as it is), but you have a lot of options with the different mods around.

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I played it for the first time in 2019, and, well, I don't think it's aged well at all. Graphics were groundbreaking for it's time, but the combat felt like a worse version of Half Life 2's and the rest of the game wasn't enough to hold my interest.

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20 hours ago, princetontiger said:

Twitch has zero to maybe 10 players playing Doom 3 at any time... I mean, it's a fun game, but times have moved on. Doom 2016 and Eternal are much better.

Checkmate, atheists.


As much as I love messing around with mods, I still consider the original Doom 3 exe with no mods to be the definitive way to play. But when it comes to modding, I usually just make my own patches to give all weapons a dryfire sound and animation, firing offsets that bug me with the machinegun and chaingun, and fix a few odds and ends like weapon gui screens, the weird armor percentage, or the plasmagun sounds being linked to the world model causing it to play over itself, sometimes at a delay and in your right ear. I don't know what this says about the quality of Doom 3, but sometimes playing with the code in a text editor can be just as fun as playing the game.


If you want to get the most out of the vanilla game with nothing but the console, Doom 3 Tweak Guide by Koroush Ghazi is a great resource, giving proper explanations to as many cvars as possible, instead of the all too common "just trust me and copy paste all this into your autoexec.cfg to make teh bad broken gaem more gooder".


That said, CstDoom3 is a favorite of mine when it comes to 2023-ifying old stinky Doom 3, it's main features include reverting the HUD stretching that happens when using a wide aspect ratio, displaying cabinet codes, and all the more contentious options like a head mounted flashlight and reduced spread for the shotgun. The best part is that everything is optional, and the menu goes pretty deep with cool options. They've also got one for the BFG Edition which is just as extensive.

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