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UnknDoomer's corner of ultra silence - Longplays By Requests [LBR]

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Notes about 130+ wads been made in the main topic by this moment, not of them been translated, as well as recording originally not been started from the first one, but things keep going. While the "major" direction currently gone on a regular brake, due to a fact I'm waiting when few wads will get to final stage / or release in overall, I've decide to add one more thing on top - make a separate section for requests.


Link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVF9T8BqRmLnItHqCLqNaug




1. You can ask to record your own map / wad, not yours, some classics from 90's, whatever you have in mind, including Heretic, Hexen and 64 related things, with some exceptions, about them below.

2. In case of timeframe I can record maps or wad that goes average under ~ 2 hours long total. If you looking to suggess something like 5-6 or ever 10+ hours long megawad, then with high chances it will not be possible to handle.

3. Currently I don't use other then GzDoom ports including 64 case, where I prefer stick to CE modification, or official port.

4. I'm always playing on UV. When others will, probably, pass, I'll go into and see what happens, no matter how hard it is. As a result a bunch of save / load sequences might take a place, but, as they said, result sometimes matter more.

5. Joke wads / maps, huge fortresses, where it takes 2 hours to complete one map, or just 2 hours to figure out where to go next, and similar kind of things will be skipped. Radically, I have nothing against such maps globally, but, among other things in the second case, I have already gone through enough of them, so this is a "point of no return".

6. If maps are short enough then I, perhaps, will combine them in a one video and post time codes, as I usually do.

7. In this case, with, perhaps, some exceptions, no notes or short reviews will be made. Just videos, nothing else.

8. To make topic easier to read all things will be added on top as well, i.e. this message, while the rest will rather remain for your posts mostly.

9. I do not play things twice usually, when things come to PWAD's section. So. If you are going to send something for the test purpose then this will be the only version recorded.

10. Feel free to join Discord channel to discuss and suggest. Currently rather empty one, but this might be changed.


What kind of maps / wads might be considered with a little more priority?


1. Run & gun gameplay.

2. Fair slaughter.

3. As an opposite to 2 - less then 150 enemies on map(s).

4. Short maps.

5. Otherworldly / exploration maps, but without hard bet on puzzles.


Current list:


[24.11.22] 1. Vertigo Realm by @Sonikkumania (2022). Video, Review.

[16.02.24] 2. Woody World Episode 5 by @Woody101 (2024). Video.

3. ...

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2. Woody World Episode 5 (2024)

Usually city maps, same as puzzle one, without counting Hexen in last case, isn't not something I prefer to play. This also the reason why I've always preferred original Doom to Doom II. Only rare exception here is, perhaps, some sort of "another world" / dream feeling maps, but basically there is not much of this kind exist around to make a journey to.


@Woody101's pack of four maps is a typical example of such creation, combining 90's style recreation of existing bulding with bunch of, not hard to deal with in this specific case, puzzles, accompanied by good music samples. Mentioned style work in both ways. One - gives a bit of retro feeling with all those big and small details, like hockey rink or parking lot. Second - in opposite there is enough of empty spaces here and maps rather too long.


So, end result is a sort of middle point - nothing too special, except for the remarkable recreation of real objects, but at the same time nothing too bad to mark it.



Settings and features:


* GzDoom 4.11.3a, UV difficulty.

* Complete completion will take ~ 2 hours.

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