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Anyone know what's going on with Skulltag? Is the project still in operation or has it been put on hold?
Also, is it possible to play human players online in the "Nice Months Late Edition"? When I tried, it didn't seem possible, it merely told me to use the launcher. But is that a separate download? I don't see anything within the menu which would direct me to any servers.
It sucks that the coolest DooM Dm utility seems unplayable. Please give me a little insight!!!

- Joe

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heh, it appears someone moved this thread here.

The master server was taken down because I moved, and had a firewall up at my new location. This has since been fixed, but I'm not going to put the master server back up until I release a new version. This may be within the week.

Don't worry, it'll soon be very playable :)

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