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St. Mildly Annoyed

Opinion on this monster?

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23 minutes ago, Dreamskull said:

I like this monsters art.


29 minutes ago, Dreamskull said:

I always thought so too and I completely agree. Its legit one of the best monsters Ive seen, but its a bit rude to want to see it redone.


If you can compete with it, youve got an excellent monster. Considering this one is a direct comparison, it should be easy to tell whats what.

Sorry, I didn't mean to complain, and I agree it has nice art and is fantastic art. I just thought that with some wads, considering there are some people who are critical about the style of sprites; it would just be a minor note. 

I'm not trying to say I could do better either, I'm extremely desperate to get God complex running, so I can't even figure out a mods load order.


please help.


Edited by St. Mildly Annoyed

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1 hour ago, St. Mildly Annoyed said:

Sorry dude, I thought you've used seen this monster before and I can be really shit at picking up context at times. The image is nowhere to scale.

I see the confusion, my "If my memory's right," bit totally implied I've actually played it in-game before.

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