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poopy joe

sigils lava looks like mud

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You might say it looks like... shit! Huehueheuheuheeuhe!


... Anyway. You could make a patch with the program Slade. Open up the Sigil WAD with Slade, import the texture you want to change, fix it up in photoshop or gimp or something and then exporting that file (Should be PNG) back into Sigil.










Errr on second thought, I don't think you should put it back into Sigil. You never change the IWADs (Internal WADS [original WADS]). You make a separate WAD and run that alongside Sigil.

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That's just what red fades to in the software renderer, with the Doom palette. It doesn't have dark reds, so it uses brown instead.

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1 hour ago, hobomaster22 said:

What port are you using? If you use a port that supports OpenGL or 32bit software rendering then you will get more correct colors.

using prboom+

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