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new speedmapping time

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I'm moving speedmapping back to Saturday (which coincidentally was its original day) but want to know what time works best for people. I'm mostly debating between leaving it at 19 GMT (11am PST) or possibly moving it to 21 GMT (1pm PST). what works best for people?

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Kirby X said:


SargeBaldy... SargeBaldy2000...

Is anyone familiar with this guy?

He's the new speedmapping guy. Yes, we're familiar with this guy. (and you are not a mod :P )

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ravage said:

and you are not a mod :P

I know... I was just ASKING! :P

I saw SargeBaldy2000's posts in Post Hell and saw that his status is on "BANNED."


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heh. yeah, sargebaldy2000 as well as this account were banned. don't ask me for what, i'm not actually too sure about that myself. but lut's since unbanned me. i thought people would have heard of me by now, even if i'm not very active on the forums. apparently not. but anyway, yes, i've been handling speedmapping since nick baker left. like it or not, heh.

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Saturday's a bit more difficult for me as I sometimes work that evening but if you change it I'll be there when I can.

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yeah, that's what i said in my post :P it seems to me that holding speedmapping on sunday means that a lot of europeans are ready to go to bed early, for classes and stuff the next day. saturday would be equally bad if doomers had lives, but i don't think i need to worry too much about that :P right now, i'm just deciding between 19 GMT and 21 GMT.

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