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Problem with ZdoomGL and Zdlauncher.

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I use both Zdoom and ZdoomGL.

Zdoom AUTOMATICALLY looks at the zdoom.ini file and then at the cfg file that is specified in zdoom.ini

I load a cfg file called autoexec.cfg which contains my key bindings.

But ZdoomGL doen NOT automatically look at the zdoom.ini file!

The reason why I mention this is because I run both Zdoom and ZdoomGL under Zdlauncher, NOT from the command line.

If I use Zdlauncher to start ZdoomGL the zdoom.ini file is NOT processed.

Any ideas?



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Hmm, I'll check that out. It should work since ZDoomGL uses the same .ini file as ZDoom if you run it normally, but I'll try it with the launcher.

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