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GNU Doomsday Release

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Get it? Gnu or new? Anyhow, version 1.7.7 of the Doomsday Engine has been released, with small bugfixes and features, such as:

  • Graphics glitches fixed: high-resolution flats with alphachannel were garbled, possible sector lightlevel overflow onclientside (e.g. jHexen map 26), jHeretic status bar flickering.
  • -texdir2 option wasn't working correctly. The texturepaths were checked in the wrong order.
  • Switch texture pairs are now loaded at the same time. Thisremoves a momentary stutter when using high-resolution textures.
  • Support for custom particle textures, somewhat akin toS.Zenith's particle mod.The differences: textures must be named ParticleNN.ext,where NN is a two-digit number between 00 and 31. The first textureis thus e.g. Particle00.tga. pt_tex* flags are definedin Special.ded and begin from the value 100.
  • Flat particles stick to planes and follow them if they move(both floors and ceilings).
  • Particle radius may have a random component(Generator:Stage:Radius rnd).
  • jDoom: console variable player-air-movement added.Controls the player's movement speed while airborne, allowingjumping onto ledges. The default value is 1, which is quite weakbut effective enough.[/list]

  • However, possibly the most interesting part of this news update is that the Doomsday codebase has been released under the GPL, and now has a Sourceforge project.

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    I hate doom, it's such a gloom. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that last shroom, or have had sex with that broom, I think I'll hide in a pretty girls whoom.

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    Heh this is good. finally we can have a GPL core and non-GPL bits added in legitimately.

    Look forward to some binaries for alternative operating systems.

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