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Eternity v3.31 beta 2 Forthcoming

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Beta 2 of v3.31 of the Eternity Engine will be released sometime very soon, possibly later today. Among other features, this beta will have the following:

* Better sound library, especially for more stable MIDI
* Two new BFGs -- Plasma Burst and Bouncing!
* Movable 3DMidTex lines for free-standing elevators and more
* Ability to make player homing missiles via FirePlayerMissile
* Big bug fixes, and vastly increased stability over beta 1
* Mapthing Z clipping!
* Greatly extended Heretic support (most enemies are now present)

The launch will be announced here and on the Eternity page as soon as it happens, so keep an eye out.

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cool, i was liking the Eternity Engine but it keeped on bombing out on me, so i like the sounds of "vastly increased stability over beta 1" great :)

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Excellent news!

Quasar said:
* Movable 3DMidTex lines for free-standing elevators and more
* Mapthing Z clipping!


BTW, I've been playing around with Eternity a lot lately but discovered only one 'bug': the Bridge linedef tag does not see the non-cyan parts of a texture as non-clippable, but the entire texture. Which is actually what I prefer, but hey :)

Also, Eternity never seems to remember my video settings so every time I have to go and reset it via the menu. It also starts two windows (one game window, one start-up text one). This text screen doesn't close when I quit Eternity but requires me to close it seperately. Both things are really annoying.

Sweet Prince said:but it keeped on bombing out on me

I've never had Eternity bomb out on me..?

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