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Reznor in Playboy magazine

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Playboy: How is work on Doom III doing?
Reznor: It's difficult. Albums and movies move from point A to point B. Video games are harder because the player changes the pace. We end up spending many hours testing how the music sounds in each of the environments.

Playboy: What do you think of the game so far?
Reznor: Doom III is complex and different. It has narrative, which has never been much of a consideration or strength for Id. John wanted to slow the pace and increase the immersion. I was enthused that it wasn't all action and explosions like some Schwarzenegger movie. It's creepy and filled with tension and dread.

Thankx http://www.3dactionplanet.com/doom/

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I read part of the interview on the Playboy site, part on some NIN fansite, enjoyed immensely. Heh, dark connection with the city, blah blah... I DO hope he's joking.

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