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Bravo Team

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This is a sort of follow-up to "Doom: Evil Unleashed" and "Doom: Hell on Earth" (both stories written by moi in case you didn't know), but it's a helluva lot shorter than either of the two others. It takes place roughly three years after "Doom: Hell on Earth" ended and no, the doomguy is not involved in the story - at least not directly.


Bravo Team


Jill Elizabeth Kennedy watched the planet through the window screen. She could see the dark spots that marked the “seas” of the red planet. Seas which had dried out millennia ago. The planet Mars had been as dead and lifeless as the Earth’s own moon, until the Union Aerospace Corporation colonized it.

And to think that humans once though of that planet as a world inhabited by aliens... she thought.

She scrutinized the word ‘alien’ in her mind. That word had more than one meaning attached to it, but there was one particular meaning which she was thinking of now and which she had come to associate with her worst nightmares.

And it wasn’t without a reason.

It was no more than three years since it started. Suddenly and unexpectedly, they had just been there. Out of the blue.


But unlike anything she had imagined. These aliens were soon generally termed “demons” because of their absolutely terrifying looks and inexplicable, but no less terrifying abilities and totally evil behaviour. Some even looked like the classic Christian depiction of demons from Hell. They kept coming and wherever they went, people died by the thousands and destruction like she had never seen, followed in their wake. She had never experienced anything so downright evil in her entire 29 years long life.

Aliens...or demons.

Some people were convinced that they were indeed demons from the infernal pits of Hell and that the sins of Man had summoned these demons to bring forth Armageddon – the End of the World. The panic of the masses saw no end.

Humanity eventually managed to evacuate millions of humans, but a large number were left behind. A few days after the exodus of the human race, it became known that somehow, someone had shut down the gate which allowed the “demons” passage into this dimension. All this time, humanity had been busy preparing.

Men, women and even children were being trained as soldiers. Many eagerly threw themselves into studies of advanced technologies – weapons technologies – and many heavily armed rescue patrol crafts were sent to Earth to locate survivors that had been left behind on the planet.

Eventually, more and more survivors were extracted and humanity regrouped. Yet troubles were not yet over and although the portal to the alien world was closed, the “demons” still roamed the Earth by the millions. In addition, conflicts between the humans arose in space. Not only were a group of fanatics formed, which plundered the temporary space stations that human factions set up, thus becoming known as “the Pirates”, but two large corporations, the Union Aerospace Corporation and the Federal Commonwealth of Earth, began to argue over petty differences and control of the surviving humans.

Finally, after much negotiation, the UAC and the FCE joined forces when the FCE showed its counterpart the tremendous progress they had made in terms of biomechanical weaponry – humanity’s new weapon against the “demons”.

After nearly three years in space, humanity initiated a massive military campaign and ultimately wiped out and scattered the demons on Earth – the return to the home world could commence. Though there were still scattered groups of demons around on Earth and any activity on Earth took place with heavily armed escorts.

Special groups of so-called “Demon-hunter” units continued hunting down the demons and quickly became adept at tracking and destroying them wherever they found them.

As for the corporations, the FCE made up a temporary Earth government until the rebuilding of Earth was complete. The UAC, however, was temporarily disbanded as new evidence was found that pointed to the UAC having been directly responsible for the demon invasion. Yet the final pieces of the puzzle were yet to be found before the UAC could be ultimately disbanded, therefore the FCE formed special survey groups consisting of people with varying educations and always with a minimum of two soldiers as escort. These groups were to journey to former UAC installations to search for clues or, even better, evidence that could shed some light over the affair.

Jill was in one such group. Bravo Team was given probably the most important assignment of all: They were to travel to Mars and investigate the base there. The FCE had found classified data files suggesting that something “hush-hush” had been going on there before everything on Earth went to Hell. The UAC claimed that they had evacuated all personnel from Mars before the catastrophe on Earth, due to a dangerous accident in the Oxygen Generator, and since the authorities on Earth had been too preoccupied with the invasion, there had been no opportunity to look into it properly. But, the FCE also found a log revealing that the UAC Headquarters in Washington had lost contact with Mars roughly two days before the demons showed up on Earth.

Naturally, the FCE was interested. Did the UAC and Army personnel stationed there deliberately break off contact before evacuating? And what happened to the evacuated personnel? There was never found any trace of them and the FCE officials were getting more and more convinced that the UAC was lying.

Bravo Team was to try and find answers for these questions and reveal whether the FCE had been told the truth or not.

Jill was the team’s computer specialist.
During the “Space Exile”, she had studied advanced computer programming and had quickly become familiarized with computers. She now possessed such a great understanding and knowledge about computers that only few others had.

“The red planet, huh?” a deep male voice with an unmistakable British accent sounded just behind her.
She turned around slowly.

It was Nigel McGee, one of the two soldiers that made up the escort for the team. The team had been given the absolute minimum in regards to manning of the escort because too many troops were presently occupied tracking down demons, but the two men were both Special Forces troops and very experienced and capable. Nigel was a short, but well-trimmed, slim guy with a dark shaved cut. He had narrow brown eyes and wore army trousers with the British camouflage pattern and colours. He was already in his green combat armour. He was around 32 years as far as Jill could remember from the profile data.

Nigel was with the British SAS – the Special Air Service, a rather old, British elite unit. He was a remarkably calm and “down-to-Earth” type of person, but he was not at all happy with his assignment and his mood had steadily deteriorated the longer away from Earth they got. Jill had already come to understand that he hated being in space. He had been one of the people initially left behind on Earth, where he had continued his guerrilla battles against the demons together with a few people with varying backgrounds and now he was a “Demon Hunter” and more of a killer than he had been as a normal SAS man. He had deliberately stayed on Earth to fight the demons. Nigel was one of the best “Demon Hunters” around apart from being a specialist in stealth missions – and his current assignment didn’t seem to require any of this man’s incredible skills.

“And to think that I could have been doing a proper job now” He muttered.
“Don’t you ever grow tired of killing demons?” Jill replied coldly. He let out a low chuckle.
“And to think that of all people, I should hear that from a representative of the Earth’s most trigger-happy nation – no, I don’t tire of killing these arseholes. We’re preventing these buggers from killing innocent people. I could be saving some civies from some demon claws right now – instead they send me to baby sit a bunch o’ technical specialists”
He stared at the planet outside the window. It drew closer and closer each moment.
“...Bunch of specialists...” he muttered again.

“Well, everyone is trigger-happy these times – not just Americans” she replied coldly.
He didn’t reply, just let out a low grunt.
His voice was almost like a whisper now.
“I hate that planet already” he snarled.

“Attention all crew members! We’re entering the atmosphere of Mars. Stand by for touchdown” a loudspeaker voice boomed through the cabin. The voice of their pilot Jeff Coburn.

Nigel sighed and turned away from the window.
“Ok, I gotta get my gear” He walked toward the door and spoke again without turning his face.

“Don’t think we’ll find any nasties up here though...”


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Will making fanfics that involve sex with imps or any other assorted demons become a bannable offense?

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Its goodl.As for the lack of imp sex...I think that it worked for that story and that story alone.If we see more of it, It will just be dumb.That was a one time thing.

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The SAS do a lot of thier training in wales, a demon-infested destroyed base on mars with wrecked life support systems a billion miles from rescue if something goes wrong would be childs play XD

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